11 December 2019

10 Things I Hated About the Obama Era
that TRUMP Made Far Worse:

While I'm plenty sick of listening to Trumpian whataboutism -as if anything Obama +/or Hillary supposedly did is license for Donald Trump to do the same, or worse- there is no doubt I & other Republicans once took issue with numerous domestic & foreign policy/methods/tone during the Obama Administration. 

I honestly disliked the whole idea of a rabble-rousing 'community organizer' bringing populist pressure to bear vs expertise, experience, & American culture & traditions. That's how I saw it, anyway, up until Trump woke up the trailer parks from coast-to-coast & began his still-ongoing date rape of this country.

Alas, some of us remember opposing such things, while some of us today choose not to. As if history won't notice. Maybe that's why I no longer call myself a Republican.

I recall being shocked & disappointed on numerous occasions throughout the Obama era, but 'stunned & bewildered' might better describe the feelings watching Trump's rudderless ego fest/crime spree over the last few years. Anybody out there care to explain the Gee Oh Pee's doubling down on so many things they critiqued for 8 years straight?

  • 1)   National Debt
  • 2)   inexplicable weakness vs (backwards, poor) Russia in foreign policy. Under Trump, we find ourselves in nothing less than
    Cold War II, primary difference this time being the US president is on the Kremlin's side
  • 3)   lack of reliability in the eyes of our foreign allies
  • 4)   domestic partisan divisiveness, marginalization/demonization of political opponents
  • 5)   Executive over-reach
  • 6)   illegal immigration (!)
  • 7)   populist appeal over pragmatic management decisions
  • 8)   Obama's porky infrastructure initiative/bill vs Trump's nothing
  • 9)   lack of plan & commitment in Iraq, Afghanistan + dangerous, ill-advised weakness vs North Korean regime 
  • 10) all that golfing

Now that he's pegged-the-needle (in boom times!) on the deficit, attacked free trade, discredited the moral standing of the Christian-Evangelical movement utterly, alienated all our traditional allies, & given Vladimir Putin a 3-year tongue bath... how exactly is he 'like Ronald Reagan', moron Trump enablers?

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