28 February 2020

Trump and His Staff of Incompetent Bootlicks
Now Put to the Test We All Long Feared

If 20% of the country is sick and the economy tanks,
Trump will have brought you de facto Medicare-for-All... by default

The global spread of coronavirus is verging on pandemic status. While the rate of new infection appears to be slowing in China thanks to drastic mass quarantines and clampdowns on movement, other outbreaks in Iran, South Korea, and Italy have still not been controlled. On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warned that an outbreak in the United States was probably just a matter of time. 

This could be the greatest crisis faced by President Trump. But not only is he obviously incapable of handling the problem, he has already done tremendous damage to America's pandemic response system. The United States is highly vulnerable to epidemic disease because the president is a corrupt,
tyrannical moron who can't do the job...

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