09 July 2020

REPORT: TRUMP Ordered CIA to Share Counterterrorism Intel with RUSSIA
‘Despite No Discernible Reward’

Trump didn’t just refuse to confront Putin, 
he 'undercut' U.S. officials who raised public concerns 
and 'overtly and repeatedly' embraced the Russian leader

Law & Crime:
Not long after the Russia-Taliban bounty scandal first started unfolding in public view, a bombshell new report from Just Security claims that President Donald Trump directed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to provide the Russian government with U.S. intelligence information concerning terrorist groups in the Middle East—whom Vladimir Putin was likely supplying with weapons—without getting anything in return.

According to the report, which was sourced from several former Trump administration intelligence officials, the administration’s failure to address Russia’s furnishing of weapons to the Taliban, coupled with Trump’s
'embrace' of Putin, may have set the stage for Kremlin officials
to green-light the audacious bounty operation...