30 April 2021

Hey Republicans- Upset About Biden’s
Multi-Trillion $ Spending Spree?

BLAME YOURSELF -and TRUMP- if you voted for and/or enabled a 2-bit used car salesman & serial loser to drive the Republican party off a cliff— while selling the entire nation out to our arch enemies in the Kremlin.

Any sane Republican would’ve easily won a second term after guiding the country through the pandemic in any sensible manner. The GOP surely would’ve controlled both houses of Congress as well. 

Instead you relentlessly cheered-on a corrupt, traitorous, inept piece of shit for four years, making excuses for his EVERY folly. Opportunities to remove him from office were handed to you on a golden platter- and pushed away.

With zero residual credibility on policy and still following a disgruntled Florida man (with a 23% approval rating) bitching about how the election he blew was somehow ‘stolen’, the Republicans -preoccupied with irrelevant nonsense- have been completely sidelined as the Democrats ram a MASSIVE expansion of the Federal government right-on-through.

This is the equivalent of yelling “Hitler came to power illegitimately and I’ll never retreat an inch!” as the Panzer rolls over you.

Maybe Republicans should’ve spent the last few years establishing a record of competence while selling the merits of constitutional conservatism- instead of effing around with conspiracies and doing the Russians’ dirty work for them. 

Would have been nice if Trump had handled the Covid crisis in a way that built confidence in national unity and our ability to effectively face challenges- rather than scaring a majority of the country off into the arms of big government.

There’s a reason Reagan easily won 49 states for his 2nd term, you know. But instead we’ve got something being called the ‘end of the Reagan era’- with the Trumpsters to thank for it.

It is now clear the Justice Department will go after Trump crimes. Merrick Garland will probably challenge the dubious pardons of Manafort and Flynn in Federal court.

Rudy is screwed. And that means Trump is screwed, along with the whole family- if there’s any justice.

Even most liberals likely realize this country requires two strong, somewhat balanced parties to function politically- and the sooner the Qanon/Trump wing can be discredited and neutralized the better, for actual conservatives— and everyone else.

Right now the only ones I’d even consider voting for in 2024 would be Liz Cheney, Ben Sasse, maybe Larry Hogan— perhaps it’s time for the rest of you damn fools to join up with them and put this era of stupidity and corruption behind you. It’ll look better if you do it before all the indictments come down.