29 June 2022

I Will NEVER for the Life of Me Understand How Anybody Considers TRUMP Some Aspirational Symbol of Manhood -TOUGH- ‘Like a Mob Boss’

Even biker types seem to buy into this—
are they seeing the same guy I am?

He’s a wannabe mob boss -at best- and surely learned a few tricks from Roy Cohn, as well as in his extensive dealing with mafia construction rackets/concrete club in New York and AC, mafia movies, Putin/Russian mobMein Kampf, etc.

But Trump is a physical coward and a major pussy. There’s nothing tough about him— been that way his whole life, him and his bone spurs. Got major insecurity-driven issues with women too. That’s why he treated his first wife (and probably the other two) like a piece of garbage.

ALL bullies are cowards. He’s gotten away with a lot -so far- because he’s crashed polite, civil DC society, they never saw it coming. And in this country a lot of government functions depend on men & women of good honor. In Manhattan they all know Trump’s an unhinged boor and a fraud— that’s why they never let him in the room.

Trump acts sharp-elbowed and domineering around reserved, technocratic government types, diplomats… and self interested politicians. Doesn’t exactly punch over his (substantial) weight. And a typical ‘Internet tough guy’ punk too.

It’s like going into the library and hectoring some poor, old librarian, what a joke. I’d like to see him go shake-down, challenge, or attempt to rob wiseguys on the streets of Brooklyn or South Philly— he’d cry like a baby before they pop him and put his ass in a barrel, wouldn’t last a week.

If righteous judgement is ever actually delivered, I hope they throw Trump in the Crips wing of the prison- then we might get some real justice.