03 June 2023

Frmr. Top DoD Lawyer Demands TRUMP Be ARRESTED Immediately & CHARGED WITH ESPIONAGE

Donald Trump has been hit with devastating news as the U.S. Department of Defense’s top former lawyer demands that he be promptly indicted by for violating the Espionage Act over Wednesday’s CNN report

War plans are among the most highly classified documents,’ which “makes this squarely an Espionage Act case” because it’s now “not simply an 'obstruction' case “ and ‘there is now every reason to expect former President Trump will be charged under 18 USC 793(e) of the Espionage Act’ because ‘the law fits his reported conduct like a hand in glove.’ 

This lawyer continued ‘The audio audio recording is a meeting with several people who don't have security clearances. If Trump discussed content of document it is even worse - and raises its own criminal exposure.’ 

In addition, President Bush’s top White House ethics lawyer declared that the ‘blockbuster report’ proves that Trump “lied about’ his intentions with the classified intel, which is a ‘clear felony’ that must land Trump in prison.

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