29 February 2024

Kremlin Developing Elaborate Plan to Delegitimize Zelenskyy, Ignite Chaos, Fear, & Division- Then Inflict Military Defeat in the East

The Russian Federation is preparing ‘Maidan 3’ special operation, according to Committee on Intelligence Issues under the President of Ukraine. 

The goal of the operation is to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the President of Ukraine after May 20 and cause defeat in the east front.

The campaign should reach its climax in March-May 2024.

The Russian Federation plans to spread panic and despair among Ukrainians, and to quarrel Ukraine with its allies.

According to the Russian plan, the situation in Ukraine will be destabilized in the first half of June. Then, taking advantage of this situation, a military defeat will be inflicted in the East.

Russia spent almost $250 million on spreading anti-Ukrainian sentiments on Telegram, and the total budget of the operation amounted to an astronomical amount of $1.5 billion.