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Anonymous said...

I find it offensive that you have a picture of a sitting American president plastered over a Soviet flag. Especially a President on who's watch and orders the bastard Osama Bin Laden was found, shot, and his body dumped at sea. No trial, no soapbox for his fanatical views, no grave for his followers to enshrine, Just the oblivion he so richly deserved.

WE'RE AT WAR, little boys and girls. We hold free election to choose our President. But if he's not our "personal" choice we spend years fighting him instead of fighting the enemy. And because we keep showing the world how "UNITED" the United States is not we keep giving our enemies fresh hope that they can one day turn this nation into ashes.

Grandan said...

Where was that whiny rant when Bush was in office?
Liberal Hypocrite!

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