01 November 2011

Al Qaeda Flag Hoisted Over Benghazi, Libya!

Q: How is the US-backed Libyan revolution 
just like ObamaCare?

A: Now that it's too late, 
we get to find out what's in it...
Al Qaida flag, courthouse  Libya
While we still do not know who the rebels we just boosted to power actually are (but plenty of reason to suspect the worst- think AQ and Muslim Brotherhood types), we're about to find out. 

They've already brought charges of war crimes upon themselves while the NTC's PM was busy lying about Gaddafi's execution in captivity, declaring laws will be based on Sharia, and legalizing polygamy... now this: 
Photos/story at Maggie's Notebook


24d85864-0482-11e1-9c09-000bcdcb8a73 said...

If I knew this was going to happen!! Why didn't OBama know this was going to happen. I will tell you why. OBama was in favor of this happening. It is part of his plan to change the world to Islam. How can anyone vote for this Communist/ Socialist/ Islamist?

Libertarian Advocate said...

Too many Ivy League dilitantes in government today. This is what we get when we elect those who can't otherwise hold down a real job outside the ivory tower or outside the Beltway. We may already be well and truly f@#ked. I hope not.

Reaganite Republican said...

Too many of them on both sides of the aisle, and growing farther from mainstream American thought by the day

I thought the TEA Party put the fear of God into some of them, I guess we'll see next year, LibAd

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

This is why taking the Senate may be more important than taking the Oval in the end. If Congress wanted to stop his lawlessness, they could on many levels.

Their new TNC leader, Abdul Jabilil looks Western but he has to be a jihadist at heart. His immediate polygamy call showed him to be a terrorist against his own people.

Thanks for linking RR. The story said there are al-Qaeda within the TNC military council. We could see where this was going, and so will go every Islamic country.

pamibe said...

Who had one week in the pool? I mean, we could see this coming a mile away.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks again for the great find Maggie

And Pam: not me, I took 3 wks and felt a bit the cynic, I guess not quite enough lol

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It's the Muzloon way with the help of useful idiots like Obama.

Reaganite Republican said...

Useful idiot, or more sinister agenda

You never seem him in church, do you

Anonymous said...

Obama is evil incarnate. He is not even an American and the people shout amen.

He is busy destroying America one day at a time and the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is shouting Amen.

I remember in 2004 when Bush was re-elected some commentor from Europe proclaimed....what are those F*&*&%# Americans thinking.

Well I hope America starts thinking again and gets this evil man out of office....

but more importantly the Senate and the House must be our true focus.....a Strong take over of the Senate along with strengthening our hold in the House will make Obama a spokesman for Islam the next 4 years.

With both houses he is dead in the water....everything he does can be rescinded by the house and senate...even his rule by executive orders...

The house and senate are our goals....Im not sure the GOP has anyone that is strong enough to beat the anti-christ......Im not sure even Reagan or George Washington could beat the anti-christ.

Remind me again which church he attends regularly? Oh thats right the one that hes actually been seen going to is led by a community activist.....seeking marxism in America....get it?

Reaganite Republican said...

This 'Anon', I like


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