31 October 2011

Ann Coulter on Agenda Behind Dubious Herman Cain 'Sexual Harassment' Attacks:

Liberals "terrified of strong, conservative, black men"

Taking-on stealthy Obama enablers Geraldo and Juan Williams on Fox last night, she explained what's likely driving sudden 'sexual harassment'' charges against the surging candidate... (Rivera/Williams: *crickets*):

And of course Coulter's right regarding how Herman Cain is viewed by the American Left... with terror in their skeevy little hearts. Regardless of whether there's any substance to these (anonymous) accusations, the zealous investigators who put the story out there yesterday are the Obammunist shills at Politico... 
what does that tell you.
It's the same with Palin and Bachmann: anybody who can turn the Left's group-victimhood/entitlement model on it's ear (as they have through living example) is surely a dire threat to the so-called 'progressives' whole scam, especially when it's a "type" of guy -like Herman Cain- that was supposed to be so lost without their handouts, quotas, and visionary guidance.

But Mr Cain sees to have done just fine without them, somehow... as the man said himself a few weeks back, 
"I left the Democrat plantation a long time ago"...

For comprehensive coverage of this still-unfolding character assassination attempt (Ann says 'not', but imho could just-as-well be coming from the mud-slingin' Romney or Perry campaigns- I don't trust 'em) check out this from 
Herman Cain's #1 fan Stacy McCain, who's getting to the bottom of all this muck in a hurry -here-.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD..........If the GOP NOMINATES a Black Man??



It reminds me of the AGW crowd....its global warming if its hot or cold...rainy or drought....snowy or dy....the oceans are hot or cold, the wind is blowing or its not........no matter what happens its the result of global warming.

Now that the tea party and the GOP's darling is A BLACK MAN........

The gop and the tea party are racists.......

if we defeat Cain and select a white man.......were racists.

if we defeat Cain and select a woman were racists.

if we nominate Cain we are racists.

The left keeps the Blacks and Hispanics in perpetual poverty and then scream its all the rights fault and when a hispanic or a Black man succeeds in the conservative cause and they are heartily supported by the right.......

See that proves it........the right are racists.

Reaganite Republican said...

OK, I'm a racist then!!!

Can I still vote for Cain, tho? lol

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

RR, you wasted 3 minutes of my life having to listen to those two leftist stooges debate Ann.

Reaganite Republican said...

Sorry man

Mark Adams said...

WAAAAAN "There is no liberal running against Herman Cain"
Yes there is, the whole socialist left. They can't praise Obama for his miserable 3 year record, so every last one of them are out there attacking ANY GOP candidate.

Un-name sources.

Come on let’s look at who wrote this piece
Jonathan Martin-regularly appears on CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, NPR, ABC and CBS
Maggie Haberman- worked for New York Post
Anna Palmer- a virtual no name
Kenneth P. Vogel- analyzes politics on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR

Need I say more?

Malcolm said...

Hello RR. I'm the founder for a left-leaning blog that covers race/ethnicity issues called "Diversity Ink". I was thinking about writing about this topic myself. However, since I like to have guest posts by those with differing views from mine, I'd like to use yours. You can reach me at ultfan@gmail.com to let me know whether or not you're interested.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks Mark

And sounds great to me Malcolm. Go for it- I appreciate the invite, sir.

How refreshing to have the other side NOT come on here screaming like a banshee- it's been a while Malcolm ha ha

Malcolm said...

Thanks for allowing me to use this as a guest post RR. Here is the link to the post:


It's generated some good comments so far. In addition to you joining in, feel free to invite any of your blog buddies to comment as well.

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