30 October 2011

Calling All FReepers!

2011 Q4 Freepathon nearly halfway to $88,000 goal: 
please help to keep America's premier online 
political forum -The Free Republic- up and running

Haven't been over there in a while?  
Have a look, man... and please do hit 
the tip-jar on the way out -here-

TIA, FReeper patriots~


Anonymous said...

Maybe if Jim Robinson quit banning people over tiny ideological deviations he wouldn't be running into problems finishing his beg-a-thon for several hundred thousand dollars a year. I've seen grifters that had targets wisen up and walk away, but I've never seen a grifter that actively pushes away his marks, especially when they're all so otherwise willing to throw their cash at him with no questions asked.

Reaganite Republican said...

Only forum I check out every day is FR

ChrisG said...

Anonymous is RIGHT in his criticism above.

It seems to me that FReepers hate Rep. Ron Paul more than they do Pres. Obama. The insults that they continuously throw at him & his supporters remind me of the tactics that would be used by the Progressive Left than it would or should be by anyone that calls him- or herself a Christian Conservative.

I myself have been "zotted" from FreeRepublic FOUR times -- one of those might be legit....there was an article about a black guy who did some terrible things (I can't remember what they were, this was about 7 yrs ago, maybe?), & I called him an "NWA" -- just those 3 letters & nothing else -- & someone took offense to my using that acronym, reported it to the mods, & they banned me for it. OK, I understand.

But the other 3 times were totally unnecessary. They were SHAMEFUL on the part of FR, & mostly due to ideological reasons....you just don't give compliments to Rep. Paul over there, & you definitely don't criticize those who insult him, especially if they have been long-term FReepers, regardless of what they say!

It wouldn't bother me in the least if FR goes the way of the Dodo. There are PLENTY of other conservative websites out there. FR was important early on back in the Clinton & Bush years, but now........mot so much.

Reaganite Republican said...

Ron Paul is an all-out kook

I ban most Paulbots here too lol

Anonymous said...

So instead of acting like an adult & debating/discussing the FACTS in a rational manner, you instead use insults @ those you think you disagree with?

It seems to me that so-called "conservatives" are emulating what I thought were their progressive opponents more & more as time goes on.

Reaganite Republican said...

Who do I insult?

Everybody knows Ron Paul is a kook, it's called "common knowledge"

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