15 March 2013

Obama Declines Lunch w/ GOP Senators 'cuz He Didn't Have His Royal Tester There!

NOT a joke...

Yesterday Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) described an event she hosted: served at a working lunch with Obama on Capitol Hill, the menu came from her home state's University of Maine, inc. a recipe for healthy lobster salad/blueberry pie/etc that Collins pointed-out fit Moochelle's healthy food initiative guidelines- alas, Obama could only look 'longingly' at it, as he didn't have a 'taster' present. 

She pointed-out directly to him that all present in the room were 'tasters', and if it was poisoned or something they'd have all already 'keeled over'... yet -after stating 'you have better food than the Democrats do'- he STILL refused to eat a single bite without his own food tester... 

Obama taster

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