05 September 2009

Giving It to Obama with Both Barrels

Riehl World View: RWV -like a lot of us- wants to know what's up with black nationalist/communist and all-round nut-job "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones- You know, the 1991 LA riot veteran who got himself tossed in the can... and has yet to create one single "Green Job" outside of his own office door?

Dan also asks what if Bush had appointed a far-right anti-abortion activist to his cabinet? But maybe that's not the best example... there was surely no stone left unturned in the MSM/Left's systematic vilification of George W Bush, anyway- hard to imagine what else they could have done. Extended coverage of Jones and his bizarre zeitgeist/agenda -here-

The Other McCain: RSM also dug into just what this 9/11 truther-kook is up to... and how Obama's likely now stuck with him, while the racist, anti-American street-commie Jones seems to be in the Catbird seat. And don't forget- there are "five A's in raaaaacism"

Stop Socialism Now: Jim at SSN provides us with the must-see film The Obama Deception- full and uncut. .. you really should make time to watch this. And any libs out there (and I mean that literally) that had the misfortune of stumbling behind enemy lines here- maybe you better set-aside 90 minutes to check this out too, before you make an even bigger fool of yourself with continued slobbering over this Bolshevik huckster Obama. Watch it -here-

Another Black Conservative: Clifton makes the observation that today's Democratic Party needs to look in the mirror right-about-now... and perhaps also ask themselves just how they blew a lead like that, anyway. And he makes an observation that's quickly becoming apparent to the less-smitten amongst us: the Democrats face a bloodbath in 2010 mid-terms... more -here-

Moonbattery: Ever-entertaining Van looks into why the Chevy Volt is for idiots... and also why this overpriced POS is going to do a face-plant in the marketplace- read it all -here-

Left Coast Rebel: LCR touches on bonehead-supreme Kieth Olberman's defense of Obama's appalling propaganda aimed at the nation's schoolchildren- it'd be funny if it wasn't so sad... Check it out -here-

So It Goes in Shreveport: Pat amusingly points out how the Wall Street Journal's resident squish Peggy Noonan is making some painful admissions these days regarding her lack of good judgement in supporting Barack Obama- and how she now claims to find the "charismatic" Dear Leader to be an eye-watering bore (as the UK's Daily Mail said months ago).