06 September 2009

Good Riddance, Trotskyite Ingrate

crackpot and vengeful racist Van Jones has shuffled-off into the sunset- and not a moment too soon for the USA. His activities as a 9/11 truther and bizarre comments regarding the GOP apparently made him an unbearable political burden for an administration who's poll numbers have fallen off the edge of the table. (h/t Stop the ACLU) Jones resigned quietly -and under a cowardly veil of false victimhood- from his position as nominal Green Jobs Czar in the middle of a holiday weekend... and in the middle of the night.

All this America-hating subversive really needs to be told now is that the feeling's mutual, comrade... so don't let the door hit your Bolshevik booty on the way out. BTW, the Castros would probably provide a wannabe Yanqui revolutionary like yourself camo fatigues, a free apartment, '59 Buick, and a commie parade... so do us all a favor and go somewhere you might be wanted.

And how had Obama's Special Advisor on Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation for the White House Council on Environmental Quality actually performed on the job, you ask?

While it's often difficult to determine just what the Dear Leader is trying to accomplish with a cumbersome, opaque statist buraucracy and 30+ Czars- it seems safe to assume that the job description involved creating jobs of some sort. In reality, and despite $60B of wasted Porkulus funds dedicated to the task of creating a "green" economy... America's Green Jobs Czar Van Jones had created exactly... none. (h/t Moonbattery)

The perpetually embittered Jones (can't imagine what the guy's problem is, other than shameful opportunism... seems to me he's been blessed) was actually arrested during the 1991 LA riots, where other anti-American malcontents he met in the can had a life-changing effect on the impressionable, angry lad. Of course, all this street thuggery should have disqualified him for any position in an American presidential administration... and surely would have... back before the ludicrous Twilight-Zone Obama era.

Government Mess provides Jones' official resignation letter -here-, where VJ portrays factual discussion of his past statements, actions, and associations as a GOP "smear campaign."

Gateway Pundit is curious if the New York Times and other pro-Obama tools will finally report on a story that they've done their level-best to bury... -here-

As noted in The Examiner -like a character out of The Big Chill, Jones seems to have evolved from radical activist to Establishment insider. Perhaps only a delusional left-wing administration incapable of recognizing irony would put a self-described communist in charge of creating jobs.

Dan at Riehl World View summed it all up succinctly:
Hit the road, clown. And stop pretending it wouldn't go down the same way if the parties were reversed. Another professional victim is made.
He'll be just fine, enjoying six figure gigs at the taxpayer's expense as long as he wants. Who is he trying to kid? Loser. He should of kept his yap shut when he was younger if he wanted to drive in the fast lane one day. Actions have consequences. Welcome to the real world, Van.
RSMc at The Other McCain is asking a few things that need to be asked- i.e. how did this Bozo get hired in the first place? And he found some some intriguing answers, too... read about it -here-