12 September 2009

Millions Swamp DC in TEA Party Demonstration

This is outstanding news, with Right Pundits reporting 1.5M patriots at today's protest against statism run-amok in the nation's capitol. Team Obama has been typically pretending that they knew nothing about this planned event... as if it never came up in a briefing.

Can ya hear me know, Gibsy?

Riehl World View is reporting over TWO MILLION in attendance... -here-

As is the Gateway Pundit -here-

Stacy from The Other McCain is there to report the action... and he's all over it -here-

All I can say is wow... this is just what is needed to stop Obama's HC nationalization efforts- it's all we've got to stop him with. The WH is now planning every trick in the book to ram it down our throats... so it's good they be reminded of the heavy political price that would be attached to such a disgraceful, anti-democratic stunt. Wavering Blue Dogs have taken note... of that, you can be sure.

Could be a watershed event we're
witnessing here... that's a big crowd.

Photo courtesy of Mary Katharine Ham in
Washington today, via Glenn Reynolds/Gateway Pundit.

8:00 pm update from Van at Moonbattery with lotsa pics... -here-


America Is an Obamanation! On a tip from Byron-
Via Van at Moonbattery. Hat tip: IMAO.

Update Sunday 1:00 pm: Stop the ACLU says that regardless of how ABC denies making the 2M estimate... others put the the crowd from 1.2m to 2.0M... plus great pictures from The Mall -here-


Opus #6 said...

Beautiful, beautiful BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

I weep with joy to see these American Patriots. Thank you!

Left Coast Rebel said...

I am so excited too, I can't even express my frustration with not being able to attend......nice summary here.

James Yanke said...

I sure feel the same way, Opus

It's better this country wakes-up sooner, rather than later... before the hole gets too deep.

PFFV said...

My Sentiments Exactly My Friend, it’s been a Very Emotional 48 hours For True Patriots! I Love My Country Enough To Be Ridiculed For What I Know Is The Right Thing To Do! We were in The Minority and Mocked for Over a Year but Now The Sleeping Giant of Common Sense People is Awake! Thanks to the Outcasts Like Us!

mpinkeyes said...

This was a great even, it was wonderful to see so many people show up. The media and the left can no longer portray the protesters as just fringe racist right wingers. The fact that so many people showed up should send a strong message to congress that the ordinary working class Americans are fed up and we are not going to take it any more. This is a real movement and this protest proved that.

MK said...

I hope obama and his cronies are scared, they should be.

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