12 September 2009

Please Allow Us to Retort!

phronemophobics of the rump-Obamamania movement, beware!

As the Dear Leader continues to make it perfectly clear he'd like for us to go-away and shut up -while he steamrolls the country flat and starts fresh- The Right has awaken- and we're not standing by anymore while thinly-veiled communists dismantle everything that made America great.

Conservative bloggers are in-fact making history in today's America, exposing outrageous liberal media bias.... as well as confronting the habitual dishonesty, shady crew, and bizarre agenda of the Obama Administration.

And more Americans are with us every day...

Sarah Palin had a few choice words re. the malleable jive he's been laying on us to help ram ObamaCare through... and save his presidency. She called Barack on his bad math and blatant misrepresentations in the Wall Street Journal... and in-case you didn't read it,
'Cuda smoked him... -here-

But if you don't mind being lied and condescended to, you may have enjoyed Obama's speech- It consisted of the standard "soaring rhetoric", specious gestures of bipartisanship, and whatever prevarication Team Obama deemed necessary to tell you... a last-ditch attempt to pass this ludicrous legislation.

In fact, most of what Obama said was nothing but DNC processed-pollspeak-product... and has little relation to the massive government expansion he's actually after. Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC) sure wasn't enjoying it when he blurted out "you lie!" during the speech.
Government Mess has the video -here-

An inappropriate breach of protocol? Certainly, but like the town hall and TEA party demonstrations that this administration dismisses as some radical fringe, the guy was apparently sick of being lied to and painted with a wide-brush all the time and needed to vent- and perhaps channeling Buckley, as his reaction was to stand askance and yell "stop!".

Dan at ► Riehl World View sounds like he's had about enough of it, too... and can identify with the Congressman to the point of stating "I'm Joe Wilson". Dan takes a look at Obama's unfortunate little lying habit -here-

Have we another teachable moment from Uncle Bam? Sure, and the lesson is to not believe a word that comes out of his mouth...just like a lot of us told you last year.

Riehl also tells us of wormy Alinskyite WH officials bagging on Sarah Palin's excellent WSJ Op-Ed piece -here- Of course, Palin's message was dodged artfully.. and snarkily.

Blue Pit Bull weighed-in with "Joe Wilson called a liar a liar... so what?"

So it Goes in Shreveport- Pat couldn't even stand watching the thing -here- She also asks a real good question: "What happened to that other 17M uninsured?"

The Other McCain: the Dynamic Duo at TOMc keep-up their full-court-press on the dishonesty, serial incompetence, and towering arrogance of the Obama Administration.

Smitty sees a recipe for easy hits in Obama's wholesale fib-fest Weds night -here-

And Stacy takes a fresh look at the President's always-opaque-and-misleading jobs pledges... and how he and his $800B Porkulus haven't even fulfilled his minor promises -here-

Another Black Conservative Clifton offers an excellent summary of Obama's speech... as-well as a couple of informative items on Sarah Palin's focused, principled oppostion to the ObamaCare power-n-tax-grab... read more about that -here-

No Sheeples Here has done a tasteful and heartfelt tribute all week to some of the victims of 9/11 that she pledged to honor as a Project 2996 volunteer- I found these personal tragedies to be an interesting read that we all should have a look at to keep our priorities straight, as well as honor these innocent victims of unspeakable tragedy... -here-

Moonbattery: Van provides coverage with photos of yet another successful -yet unreported-TEA party in Canton, Ohio this week -here-

And re. the HC speech, the exposure of a few of Chairman Zero's most blatant misleading/untrue statements is a must-read too, check them out -here-

Left Coast Rebel: Although he did this piece a couple months back, the Rebel had struck hard with an ambush on Team Obama in this well-researched piece comparing the platforms of today's WH and the American Communist Party- good links, too -here- Sadly, there is precious little daylight between their misguided agendas and warped world-view.

Gateway Pundit was one of the first -if not the 1st- to break a lot of the Van Jones story that the MSM were ignoring right-up to his resignation... this week's big story. And they're keeping the pressure on with this week's look at Obama's cowardly attack on private-citizen Sarah Palin- -here- (video too)

America's Watch Tower: Mr Pink Eyes tells how -in the wake of the Van Jones debacle- a GOP lawmaker wants all Obama's 30+ Czars to testify before Congress.

Stop the ACLU tells us of weird-even-by-Hollyweird-standards Charlie's Sheen's fervent 9/11-Truther-ism. Hey Chuck, why don't you hook-up with Tom and John and hang-out at the Scientoligist center, you'll meet people you like there. And it's only a couple blocks from Heidi Fleiss' place if you get bored. Meanwhile, leave the rest of us alone.
More from Stop the ACLU -here-

Conservative Pup: The Pup is an energetic new conservative blogger who craves what all pups do- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So it goes without saying that the Pup is appalled at the nauseating media bias that enables Obama to muzzle opponents... except on the net, of course. Read about it

Maggie's Notebook: Maggie's reflections prior to Obama's speech are an even better read now that the one-man lying contest is over with. She takes a look on why he really does think he's our messiah- and hey, Calypso Louis agrees, so it must be true: -here-