11 September 2009

Organizing for America's TIGHTLY Scripted-and-Choreographed AstroTurfing

Moonbattery brings us this gem on the latest tricks from David Plouffe's mind-control squads:
Just how ersatz are Obamunist astroturfing activities? This latest cutting edge reporting from Sophia Elena offers a clue. Here she chats with Silas Russell of Comrade Obama's Organizing for America — we also hear once again from the skeevy Obamunist apparatchik and snitch recruiter Jeremy Bird:
Van from Moonbattery continues:
Union thugs and moonbat drones aren't even allowed to make their own signs. Only signs produced inside the Death Star are guaranteed to stay completely on message, as they are manufactured by the same evil elves who program Chairman Zero's teleprompter.
Apparently Jeremy et al. didn't want to risk any pranks.

So add this bit to their Obama-ordered repertoire of TV ads against Limbaugh, trolls carpet-bombing political message boards and blogs with "graffiti", street-muscle alliances with ACORN and unions, and other un-American stunts aimed at myriad class enemies- both real and imagined.

The Founding Fathers are surely spinning-in-their-graves- as when it comes to political intrigue and bad-faith domestic Machiavellianism, stifling dissent, and operating above-the-law the Dear Leader makes Nixon look like a piker.

More on David Plouffe's disnengenous Organizing for America -run out of the DNC- right -here-

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