07 September 2009

Team Obama Knew of Lockerbie Bomber's Release for Months

As forseen by Gateway Pundit, Downing Street is confirming in the face of disingenuous "shock and disappointment" from the Obama Administration that they in-fact knew of the oil/prisoner-release deal with Libya right from the start- and there was no American objection to it when they had the chance at various stages throughout the process.

Obama's boundless hubris and warped self-image that had him thinking he could bus-chuck Gordon Brown and not be called on it. After Brown's schoolgirl-swooning in their joint British presser -even after Obama had treated him like a dog in DC- the Dear Leader apparently thought he owned him.

But as the Obama
mojo completely evaporates, he's going to have to find a new M.O. that doesn't involve people being intimidated by The One's very presence- because few are at this point.

Many Americans, Brits, and others with moral clarity were rightfully outraged when the Libyans said the release of this mass-murderer was connected to future trade deals with the UK- but they really went ballistic when photos emerged of Libyans waving Scottish flags as they greeted Abdel Baset al-Megrahi upon his arrival to a hero's welcome from Col Gadaffi in Tripoli.

Taken aback by western public reaction, the habitually dishonest Obama Administration feigned outrage and surprise- maybe Pitt and Clooney should hook them up with some acting lessons, because these clowns didn't fool anybody.

Alas, since the Obama Administration has put such effort into not honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks and other American heroes, maybe we should have expected them to acquiesce to the release of such terrorist scum... one directly responsible for the deaths of 169 Americans.

But lying about it -at the expense of our greatest ally, no less- then getting caught will only bring yet more political ruination to this bungling crew of diplomatic incompetents. Small wonder then that Obama's approval ratings are in a death-spiral.. and where's that goofy "reset" button when you really need it?

It's going to be hard to pass radical, unpopular legislation with approval numbers in the 30's-

h/t Gateway Pundit

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UPDATE- What does Smitty (the wordsmith?) from The Other McCain mean when he calls our Dear Leader "naivel "...? Well, he's blazing trails linguistically, and you can
find-out for yourself

UPDATE #2- Stop the ACLU has noted that this is what happens when you push the British too far... and that includes their geeky Scottish PM, as well... more -here-