07 September 2009

North Korean Bloggers ROCK (or else)

who says Norks can't blog? Only blood-sucking capitalist slime, that's who! Don't fall victim to typical imperalist lies- you guys really don't know what you're missing. 

And how much worse than the Daily Kos can they be, anyway? Glorious DPRK blogs run roughly 75% adoration of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il and his father... deceased founder of the grey communist hermitdom Kim Il Sung- as it should be! The other 25% consists of wild flailing against most of the outside world... with the possible exceptions of China and time-warp Bolshevik boneheads Hugo Chavez and the Castros. 

The North Korean blogosphere is full of jolly surprises, too- Yeah, you knew they'd be drooling-a-puddle over the Dear Leader going-in... after-all, this is the country that invented the swooning and leg-tingles in the presense of The One- but did you know that North Korea is also a pioneer in vicious, hate-drenched anti-semitism? It's true!

First, a DPRK political blog terminology mini-primer:

Juche Idea = DPRK founding principle based on national "self-reliance"- of course, this stubborn, outdated, and completely idiotic "idea" has actually resulted in the starvation of millions.

Songun = North Korea's Military First philosophy employed from the 1994 death of Great Leader Kim Il Sung until the present- apparently part of the deal in which the military backed the ascension of Kim's son and Army commander Kim Jong Il... as long as they get fed first and are kept waist-deep in ammo and cigarettes.

Amerikkka = America in North Korean satirical-blogger "humor". Wow... Rev Wright really has some reach these days.

Imperialist Pigs= That's us- obstacles to peace... habitual baby-killers... and vicious expansionist vampires. And those obedient US toadies in Seoul are even worse-

But the fact that DPRK bloggers are publishing in English makes one think that Americans are really the intended audience... so let's have a look shall we? Hate to have such earnest effort go to waste:

Defending the Red Flag -a chipper look at Generalissimo Kim Jong Il's worker's paradise through the eyes of a happy-to-be-brainwashed socialist automaton... contemporary American political observers, you know the type.

And it should come as a monumental relief to all those suffering in booming Seoul that Kim Jong Il is planning to liberate them from the gloom and misery of their capitalist "fake Korea" soon -along with all it's burdensome cars, luxury homes, 50-inch TVs, computers, and glittering skyline.

Well, there's something to look forward to- after the Korean People's Army is done shelling them for a week -and that's been cleaned up- they get to slave and starve in glorious service to the incompetent and brutal Dear Leader, 
too- just like their scrawny, gnarled brethren in the North.

Juche Girl -although apparently now on sabbatical- J-Girl was a trailblazing Bush-hater that made the American Left and Red Ken Livingstone look like pikers- Some choice quotes:
I hate Bush. Bush is such liar and pervert. I hope his plane fall out of the sky and he dies with face folded.
Bush oppress the poor downtrodden people of the world for his own sick twisting pleasure. My brother who is very smart show me picture of Bush who pick up handicap people in wheelchair and toss them on the ground for laughing like maniac with the vampire Cheney
I hate US because US come to Korea and throw babies inside the wells for Bush personal profit.
Hard to argue with logic like that... but I did notice she has a comment section, so go for it. Nothing we haven't heard a hundred times from Kieth Olbermann, anyway. 

Songun blog is a must-read for earnest Pyongyang watchers... residual liberal dreamers of the rump Obamamania movement... as-well as any other far-left, historically illiterate morons jealous of the sheer totality of Kim Jong Il's penniless Stalinist hell. Of special interest would be Songun's blogroll... which includes the Huffington Post (!) along with others in what it calls a 

"World Progressive Axis." 

World Progressive Axis


Songun offers-up other sober and thought-provoking analysis such as "Let Us All Hate Amerikkka More to Death" and "Amerikkkan Cat Abuse".  
Songun Blog has even chimed-in on the contentuous ObamaCare debate- and it seems plenty apparent to them (if not all of us) that our Dear Leader is following in the footsteps of their Dear Leader:

Free Socialist Health Care Model Of DPRK
In Amerikkka the disgusting country of fat pigs only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the Jew Soros and the Jew McCain can receive health because in the profit-driven capitalist society the law is made in such a way that only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the Jew Bush or the Jew Palin have enough money to buy health from the Big Pharma capitalist monster-like robber-barons.
This leave the multitude of the popular masses to be left to fend for themselves, throwing their babies down into wells for want of health in the capitalist society of exploitation of the poor ethnic minority black negro African children in Somalia by the the criminal capitalist Bush clique of murderous killer fascist warmongering so-called White "House" at the behest of the international jewry.
But in the DPRK, under the flawless leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the World Hero respected by all World Progressive Thinkers, the popular masses of the people live in the joy of the most free country in the world, Socialist Korea, the Korea of Juche.
Juche Korea is the most free country in the world. Education is free and Health is also free. The free Health Care model of socialist Korea where all the comrades help and lead each other to build the powerful prosperous country with the single-minded unity of love and worship of Kim Jong Il the Great Man, is the model which even the capitalist countries are trying to adopt and imitate.
Even in Amerikkka the new president has decided to import and impose the Free Socialist Health Care Model of DPRK to the so-called United "States". This proves once again that the Korean people were right to choose the Juche Idea of President Kim Il Sung and the superiority of the Korean-style socialist system they have chosen for themselves out of the volition of their own free will with no coercion over the inferiour jew-controled capitalist system of profit-driven capitalist jaywalking.
So just put that in your pipe and smoke it, Rush- what do you know about the glory of the Juche Idea, anyway? And don't you know better than to jaywalk? Lastly, the YouTube phenomenom is not unknown to the fun-loving cyber-trendies of Pyongyang, either- Presenting the Norks' latest viral sensation (the theme song is kind of catchy, lol): 

Kim Jong Il- Invincible Supreme Commander: