08 September 2009

What if ObamaCare Can't Even Pass the House?

We've heard a lot of discussion re how any ObamaCare bill rammed-through the House would have a difficulty in the Senate- especially if it includes the "public option"... something most serious people recognize as a defacto nationalization of the HC insurance industry.

And although the White House has been forced to soften their stance on HC proposals, Pelosi is vowing to pass the unpopular legislation -including a public option- later this month. But that's just cloud talk, IMO... SanFranNan is also the one who told us there'd be "500 million jobs lost a month" if we didn't pass the bloated and ineffective Porkulus bill- this crazy old bird says all sorts of things.

Back in reality, Democrats in the House are starting to smell a loser, and can increasingly envision an scenario in which they put their neck-on-the-line for Obama, only to have the bill stopped cold in the Senate- and they don't feel like being bagholders for a President who's poll numbers are in the toilet himself. It's not only the Blue Dogs anymore, either- opposition is nuanced and varied.

We now hear of how the President needs to "restore a sense of crisis" to pass this HC "reform"- however since most Americans don't feel there's any crisis here that calls for spending trillions in the midst of a harsh recession, this would require him to lay some sort of alarmist fiction on us. Not a stretch for Barrack, but that doesn't mean anyone's going to buy it now that he's squandered most of his credibility.

Besides, Smitty at The Other McCain sees plenty of crisis in the raging ObamaCare debate... just not the type the White House is looking for.

Just sit-back and watch the rats scatter if Obama slips any farther in the polls... which would mean low 40s- or even in the 30s... ouch. Or, if public opposition to this legislation gets one speck worse...

But this all now seems a looming certainty... as Dan Riehl told us, over 10,000 protesters gathered in Illinois yesterday for a TEA party demonstration (pic links too). Team Obama's slander of this patriotic citizen's movement has clearly backfired... along with just about everything else his crew has employed to smother/smear those opposed to his outrageous agenda.

The Hill reports:
At least 23 House Democrats already have told constituents or hometown media that they oppose the massive healthcare overhaul touted by President Barack Obama.
If Republicans offer the blanket opposition they’ve promised, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) can afford to lose only 38 members of her 256-member caucus and still pass the bill.
... But deleting the public option won’t make life easier for Pelosi.
At least 60 liberal Democrats have pledged to vote against a healthcare bill with no public option, which they view as watered-down reform.
Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) has said dropping the public option completely would lose 100 Democratic votes.
This Illinois post-turtle doesn't have much experience at making difficult and/or principled decisions- but still worse for Obama, being pragmatic might not help anymore- there's no apparent face-saving victory through compromise remaining. And it may not pass with OR without the public option at this point. There remains a lot of undecided votes too, but it's hard to imagine them all going the Democrats' way, given the unpopularity of the bill and with the Dear Leader's mojo evaporating.
Both Krauthammer and Dick Morris wrote this week that Obama has painted himself into a corner with his radical agenda, politically tone-deafness, and towering, self-righteous arrogance...
He obviously can’t get 60 votes in the Senate for his health-care proposals in their current form. No Republican will support them, and moderate Democrats aren’t likely to vote with him.
If he tries to pass it with 50 votes, using so-called reconciliation procedures, he may also fail — because he’d also lose the votes of less-moderate Democrats who’d quail at using parliamentary tricks to pass such a radical, unpopular program.
If Obama waters down his proposals to attract moderate support, he’d lose votes on the left — perhaps more than he’d gain, at this point.
Yet the longer he takes to resolve this political problem, the more his ratings will slip — diminishing his power to achieve anything. No president with support in the 30s would be able to push through a program like his health-care agenda.
It now looks like health-care reform will cripple the Obama presidency, as it did Bill Clinton’s in 1993.
After a disastrous summer -- mistaking his mandate, believing his press, centralizing power, governing left, disdaining citizens for (of all things) organizing
- Obama is in trouble.

Failure to pass this bill in the Senate -let alone the House- while the ill-advised Cap-n-Tax also dies a very public death would mean most of the Hope-n-Change legislative agenda shot down in a legislative branch the Democrats dominate... with only the ineffectual $800B Porkulus bill passed- one Obama now probably wishes he didn't own.

This is surely a plausible outcome in this month's coming drama... one from which our Narcissist-in-Chief would have great difficulty recovering from by mid-terms -a mere 15 mos from now- if ever.

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UPDATE #2: Sept 10th:

Karl Rove seems to think that the president
is in trouble, too- and he looks at the precarious position
Obama has forced moderate Democratis into -here-


Left Coast Rebel said...

We can hope that the agenda is hitting a brick wall; it certainly seems that way. It seems to me that they are doing more damage to themselves than we could possibly ever do. What a glorious, awesome sight.....

j summett said...

Barrack spew alarmist fiction? Only every other sentence that comes out of his mouth.

"No, seriously folks, the teleprompter told me to say that....."

mpinkeyes said...

Support in the house for this bill is falling. We have been heard! The media and the left tried to downplay the protests and the outrage as an astroturf movement but the house members realize there is real opposition to this bill. The bill as it stands right now does not have the votes. This is great news, it is time to rip it up and start over. A good starting point would be tort reform and letting insurance companies compete between states.

Anonymous said...

well for all I have read and heard, from Fox News of coarse! the only media outlet that tells both sides of the whole story or stories as this year seems to be grappling with. Obamacare is not only a bad bill it is not Constitutional which seems to mean nothing to our liberal friends in our congress but it means everything to the American people and it is time for us to force this 111th congress into obeying that oath of office and push them back for a change. I myself am very sick of all this trash being forced down my throat and I wlll not swallow it not even a small bit of it. We the people have been lied to enough in this Obama admin don't you think? They are right now trying to force this Obamacare through with reconciliation which is only used to lower taxes or fix budgets not make a large takeover of one sixth of our economy or make such a large government program that dwarfs the mess we already have, you can't fix a money problem by making what we have even more expensive and get less for the money they clearly steal from us, obama is in trouble and it is up to we the people to force Obama back into the job he was elected too not the job he thinks he is here for, I am sick of how arrogant this Obama is and our foriegn friends and enemies are seeing Obama for what he is; a man who is in love wiht his own legend of his own making, this is not an American president and we shuouldn't let any of this socialist agenda to ever take root in our free nation, Obama is coming for our Liberites, like our guns and our right to free speech, if Obama keeps pushing against we the people he is going to be sadly surprised with how many people will flood our Capitol to fight against any takeover of our free country. Obamacare is not good for us or our free market or our freedom period. so please people that read my words, this is not a win for us until we see this Obama agenda going down with the flames still on it as it hits the ground. Obamacare must not pass the House of Reps or the Libs will risk destroying our Republic and use reconciliation on this and then the war begins, a war that don't ever have to happen if all of us the people stand against this and force Obama's ratings on his Healthcare nightmare into the high 60's that oppose his Obamacare bill and in the low 30's for those who approve, this will kill this bill in the House like it should. The House needs 218 votes to pass a bill we can make sure that they never reach this number if we call and email our Reps everyday and tell them if you vote yes on Obamacare you can kiss your job goodbye, this is the beginning of the fight people not the end, so please don't think we have won get up and start fighting harder than you ever had before to kill this Obamacare or we will have Canadian and English Healthcare style Healthcare system in our America, right now this government seems to think this Republic is theirs and not the people's well they are dead wrong and it is high time we show them that, they work for us we do not work for them nor will we ever, we can win this Obama civil war without bullets we can win it with ballots at the voting blocks, no matter how nice they act during the election year, make your lists now so you can remember just how these creatures tried to force us into becoming slaves and communists, these Senators and congressmen must be removed and we will get our balance back. we the people will not have a bureaucrat in between us and our doctors and that is the Obamacare nightmare we are going to kill. God bless America.

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