01 October 2009

Mark Levin: Screw the Olympics- What about the War?

As usual, The Great One Mark Levin gets right-to-the-point: President Obama needs to get his freaking priorities straight, and now.

Fourty-three Americans have lost their lives in the Afghan field of operation since commanders asked Obama for more troops last month. And there's still no decision... as he wings-off to Copenhagen to try and pay-back the racketeering scum of the Chicago Machine with a massive Olympic windfall to skim-off of.

President Sarkozy tried to tell him at the UN that he needs to make some decisions re. winning the Afghan war- warning that we don't live in a "virtual world". But Sarkozy has also been heard to say that he finds Obama not only incredibly niave... but he's also such an arrogant fool you can't tell him anything... thus the French President's incredible frustration in trying to deal with him.

Here you'll hear Levin give it to the Boy Wonder with both barrels blazing- eg.:

"He's wondering what to do... Well, the right thing to do is to destroy these barbarians..."

Give 'em hell, Mark:

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