01 October 2009

Wall Street Execs "Betrayed" by Obama

Welcome to the club, boys- right-along with all the other people the Dear Leader used to get into power. And don't be surprised if you're treated like yesterday's garbage now that you're no longer needed by this pompous, self-serving swindler... that's just standard operating procedure in this WH.

As reported in the NY Post, Wall St execs believed what Obama told them when he said he'd be a moderate in office... which was obviously a blatant lie, now that his reckless spending and political brinkmanship have already brought the country to the edge of the abyss. Rather than enjoying the benefits of an economic recovery under sensible WH guidance, dismayed execs are now wondering just how radical this guy is... how much damage he can do, and how far he's willing to go with his rabble-rousing class-warfare rhetoric and agenda.

But they shouldn't feel too bad... according to neoneocon, bewildered financial advisers in Obama's own administration such as Giethner and Summers -even Volcker- have complained in private that they are rarely consulted by the hubristic, deluded Obama on any policy- basically the same treatment that Hillary and Gen. McChrystal have been getting from him. So where is Obama getting his advice in an area which he knows so little about? neoneocon tells us -here-... and it's not reassuring.

That's how it works with a disloyal narcissist like Barack Obama; those who can no longer bring him incremental power and control are of no interest to him whatsoever. Just ask former close Obama friends, allies, and/or sponsors Wright, Rezko, and Blagojevich- or anyone else who became a burden to Barack... and therefore are now treated like lepers whom he's never even met.

Barack takes care of Barack...
first and foremost. The radical, Alinskyite/Marxist agenda is second... and the Democratic Party third.

All the rest of you who supported Obama as a post-partisan, post-racial, and/or a moderate have been lied-to, tricked, and used.

Realize that, and pray for the country that you handed to this megalomaniac... a gargantuan mistake for which we'll all pay dearly.

h/t Memeorandum