06 October 2009

"Mr. Turner- Mr Emanuel on Line 1"

How amusing it is -as noted by Van at Moonbattery- to see CNN promptly fact-checking a Saturday Night Live skit that actually dared to mock the Dear Leader. Sure don't remember this occurring while they were producing propaganda attacking Bush, Cheney, McCain... or the relentless full-court-press on Sarah Palin, which consists of at least 50% fiction. Then recall the Zogby Poll after the election indicating that millions took these SNL skits as based-in-fact.

Both Moonbattery and No Sheeples Here are on it with video and commentary today. And you just know that Turner -an early Obama supporter and lib wingnut supreme- got a call first-thing Monday morning from the rodent-like Emanuel.

And congratulations Lorne Michaels... you're on The List!

CNN clip-art: Michelle Malkin