05 October 2009

MSM Unemployment Stories 13x More Negative Under Reagan than Obama

Still more proof of appalling leftist media bias in the United States- as if any were needed.

A new study from the Business and Media Institute finds 91% of news stories re. unemployment in the 1980s were negative towards Ronald Reagan... while only 7% of coverage has been negative towards the Obama Administration.

The author of this study -Julia Seymore- here contrasts ABC News veteran Charles Gibson's reporting during the Reagan era with today's reprehensible cheerleading for the Obama Administration... when they faced near-identical 9+% unemployment rates (0:57):

Meanwhile, the Dem's misguided $800B Porkulus is a train-wreck, with unemployment soaring and the Dear Leader's promises in tatters. Contrast this with Ronald Reagan's creation of 20M jobs, expanding Real GDP by 30% in the process and you'll see that the liberal press didn't know what they were talking about then... any more than they do now.