17 October 2009

Please Allow US to Retort!

As the Obama Administration continues to make it clear that they'd like for us to go-away and shut up while they steamroll the country flat and start fresh- the Right has awaken- and we're not standing by as thinly-veiled communists dismantle everything that made America great.

And Conservative bloggers are actually making history, exposing outrageous liberal media bias... and confronting the habitual dishonesty and bizarre agenda of the Obama Administration.

I am very proud to be part of this just effort to put the truth out there that these underhanded and intentionally misleading statists work so hard to obfuscate- as we expedite the dinosaur media's well-deserved ruin...

Moonbattery: thinks it's about time for the Left to back-off their beautification of brutal, tyrannical scum like Hugo Chavez- now that they are advocating rounding-up TEA party protesters into concentration camps (!)- where might they have got an idea like that...?

Don't believe it? Educate yourself -here-

Van also offers an excellent summary of Chairman O's lousy week -here-

And he's got the take on Krauthammer's comprehensive criticism of Obambi's clueless foreign policy -here-

Left Coast Rebel brings us coverage -with pics- of Obama's surprisingly less than warm reception in Sodom-by-the-Bay on Thursday, where he attended a Democratic fundraiser -here-

LCR also provides a pressure list of vulnerable legislators in the ongoing effort to ram ObamaCare down-our-throats -here-, as the power-drunk Dems work-up a fallback "nuclear" option to get this pig into the end-zone -here-

►Riehl World View tells us that the artist who made the famed duo-tone Obama "Hope" poster from a copywrited photo has now admitted to wrongdoing against the AP... as well as lying and producing false evidence in a cover-up -here-

Dan's also been all-over the current backlash regarding the shameful slander of Rush Limbaugh employed by the Left to keep him out of the NFL owners' club... -here-, -here-, and this video is a must-see -here-

Gateway Pundit -well, Dingy Harry let the cat-out-of-the-bag as he was arguing the case for avoiding much-needed tort reform... ObamaCare is going to cost us $2 TRILLION- doesn't seem to square with Obama's 3-Card Monte, does it? -here-

Stop the ACLU has conservative media baron Rupert Murdoch's thoughts on Team Obama's unprecedented attacks... which amount to "Thanks for the ratings, chumps!" -here-

And selling our country to the Chinese through T-bills isn't enough for the Dear Leader... now he's going to ship-off our missile technology, one of our only real military advantages vs China's millions of troops -here-

The Other McCain Smitty has a smokin' video of Americans for Prosperity's Tim Phillips putting mindless Obot drone Rachel Maddow in her place... sez Smitty: "8.5 minutes of pure chewing satisfaction..." -here-

And the influential blog's namesake Stacy -The Other- McCain is keeping us up on the pending NY-23 special election to fill Army Secretary John McHugh's Congressional seat. This bizarre spectacle has the GOP (and Newt Gingrich) backing a leftist RINO over a true conservative candidate... and for a conservative district! Thank God that's not going to plan... -here-

Dan Riehl's take on it is worth a read, too -here-

Another Black Conservative has an amusing video up from Real Catholic TV that portrays just what we might be facing as a result of Barack Obama's radical leftist spending spree -here-

No Sheeples Here Carol's got a fascinating comparison of our spoiled and coddled Crybaby-in-Chief's limitless whining and control-freakery to the Nixon WH's famed paranoia... even though Obama's press corps are 95% lapdogs already -here-

Government Mess: What a great video clip:
"Mr Obama(chev?)... tear down this wall!" -here-

Also, why are Obama's MSM toadies attacking security whiz Liz Cheney now...? Well, if you're familiar with the cowardice of the Left, and what they're trying to do to Sarah Palin, your first guess is probably pretty accurate... -here-

Flopping Aces The boys at FA give us the bad news that many of you may have already suspected... our great nation's First Lady Michelle Obama is, in fact, an idiot... -here-

Update: thought I'd better pass along a warning from the Libertarian Advocate... Dingy Harry's getting ready to nuke us all... and our kids... and our still-to-be-born (or conceived) grandkids... -here-