25 October 2009

Update on Hoffman Conservative Insurgency in NY-23

This week Stacy from The Other McCain has been on the ground in upstate NY, following the Doug Hoffman campaign's challenge to the GOP elite- the latest summary is -here-.

For the Republicans to offer such a liberal candidate as Dede Scozzafava- thereby inspiring this competitor from the NY Conservative Party- truly boggles the mind... and sure helps make the case that the GOP is often out-of-touch with the party's base. Simply put, she's a horrible candidate, especially for this district... something that seemed apparent enough to Hoffman supporters such as Dick Armey and Sarah Palin, anyway.

And Mr Hoffman had a great Op-Ed in the NY Post today entitled "Take Back the Party", check that out -here-... and the guy's got a compelling personal story, to be sure.

McCain also did an outstanding piece for his other gig at Michelle Malkin's Hot Air that's a must-read for all conservatives who are waiting for The Next Reagan to arrive. And he's got some news for us all... we -the GOP grassroots- are the Gipper we've been waiting-for -here-

Hoffmania... catch it!