26 October 2009

Squirelly Emanuel Lying his Butt Off

While on CNN last week making excuses for our Hamlet-in-Chief, WH Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel claimed that the Bush Administration left Team Obama "nothing" useful re. a strategy in Afghanistan, adding that the U.S. was now "beginning at scratch" after eight years of war because of key strategic questions that "never got asked."

Oh really? After such incompetency, why keep the Bush Defense Secretary Robert Gates on, then- along with his entire strategy- lock, stock, and barrel?

Slow-Joe then promptly tried to prop-up this fairy-tale -which dovetails with Obama's dubious campaign narrative- by claiming what was left to them in January was irrelevant garbage, requiring Obama's crew to start from square-one. However, those who know better comfirm Dick Cheney's quite opposite version of events, that a complete new plan was handed-over to the new administration... and most of that was shamelessly unveiled as Obama's own plan on March 28th- sans credit.

But the politically-desperate Chi-Town thuglet Emanuel just couldn't resist taking yet another cheap shot on the Bush Administration... no matter how much it makes him look a liar... or a fool.

Ed Gillespie -who was certainly close the action in the final Bush Adm. days- said in an interview on CNN yesterday that Emanuel is either "uninformed or willfully misleading" on the issue of Afghanistan.

It's unlikely that Emanuel is a fool, and it seems that he would be familiar with Obama's co-opting of the Bush strategy- it was even reported that Team Obama asked them not to go public with it. So, that would leave "lying" as the only viable explanation for the habitually dishonest Rahmbo's latest blame-deflection.

Of course, this catapult-load of BS was launched by the same Alinskyite weasel who's been leading the charge against the credibility of Fox News.

Yeah, who needs Fox around, anyway- we'll just ignore those counter-revolutionaries and believe Emanuel's ever-morphing version of reality instead- he seems like a nice guy, LOL.

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Update: Gateway Pundit has a clip of Laura Ingraham giving-it-good to the mindless Obot drones at ABC, re. Afghanistan on This Week -here-