28 November 2009

Russia Train Derailment: Bombed in Terror Attack?

Russian investigators are today considering whether the train derailment that killed at least 30 people was caused by a bomb on the tracks—which would make it Russia's deadliest terrorist strike outside the volatile North Caucasus in years.

The Nevsky Express was speeding on it's popular route from Moscow to St. Petersburg when it was derailed late Friday night. At least 30 people were killed and 100+ were injured and hospitalized... with another 18 souls gone missing.

Unsettlingly, an explosion appears to be the cause, as reported by survivors... and Russian authorities are investigating as an act of terrorism.

Of course, the Kremlin maintains numerous disgruntled enemies scattered throughout the Caucasus- primarily the Chechens, but plenty of others too. And Russian intelligence has in the past been accused of orchestrating terror acts upon their own Muscovites as a precept to military offensives, so who knows... never any shortage of potential villians in Russia.

President Dmitry Medvedev has publicly called for calm, stating on Russian television on Saturday: "we need there to be no chaos, because the situation is tense as it is."

Police and prosecutors swarmed over the disaster site Saturday and restricted access to what was said to be a bomb-crater... multiple witnesses told Russian TV that a bomb-blast may have been the cause.

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