28 November 2009

Watching Obamamania Go >pooof<

►Riehl World View puts-rest to the recent Leftist-legend that Sarah Palin was "punked" by some two-bit Canadian comedienne last week... please -here-

And Dan also sees Dubai World's financial wobbly-ness scaring the hell out of Wall Street prior to Monday's open -here-

Left Coast Rebel- surely it's no coincidence that they built the San Onofre nuclear power plant just up the road from this guy... it takes some serious juice for this level of blogging-output!

If you want to get depressed, just look at this brief piece on the US Debt Clock... ticking-away per usual -here-

If you'd prefer something a little more inspirational, check out this great Ann Coulter video -here-

►Moonbattery- today has Obama's Climate Czar deeply involved with the currently-unfolding ClimateGate fraud case... you know, that whole episode that they're trying to pretend isn't happening? -more here-

And this is pretty funny, thanks Van... Moonbattery rocks!

►Gateway Pundit- Jim now has pompous statist-elitist Nancy Pelosi actually admitting that she's blown billions of our tax dollars for nothing -here-

►The Other McCain- some are asking "is Cap-n-Trade bill dead?"

Stacy McCain this morning provides an answer: "Well, duh!"

And why is bloggin' buddy Smitty keeping an eye on upcoming anti-war protests in Sodom-by-the-Bay? Because unlike when they were pimping Cindy Sheehans' droll, monotonous road act, the MSM is showing very little interest in popular opposition to the Dear Leader... even if it comes from the Left- -here.

►Libertarian Advocate looks at the wide-eyed innocents of Norway who are "shocked" that the mullahs in Iran confiscated a Nobel Peace Prize they awarded so earnestly -here-

►Moe Lane- hey, the Lanes have a new Thanksgiving-baby... talk about something to be thankful for, very nice. All seems well, and do drop-by his blog and congratulate the man... just ignore any "eek, Moe hath spawned" snarks over there and say something nice, OK? -here-

►The Lonely Conservative- yeah, I've got connections in upstate NY... what do you think this is, some hack operation? And guess what... TLC's already got hot news on Doug Hoffman for Congress 2010 -here-

Adrienne's Catholic Corner presents the Manhattan Declaration... plus a few great pics of what the holidays look like up her way in northern Idaho... very, very nice... thanks for sharing Adrienne!

So It Goes in Shreveport Pat examines Krauthammer's latest take on ObamaCare... and it doesn't sound like Dr K likes it very much (!) -here-

Bungalow Bill has the corrupt Alinskyite dependency-racketeers at ACORN being exposed for what they are... a bunch of criminals with goverment roots that run deep -here-

►No Sheeples Here- Carol can't believe she ate the whole thing... -here-

►Texas-for-Palin has Sarah running in a statistical dead-heat vs Obama now... as the Left's unprecedented character assasination efforts are coming to naught -here-

►Conservative Pup covers the Grand Poobah of Warmists Al Gore issuing a long-overdue product recall -here-

►The Amusing Bunni has a great clip of Ronald Reagan's Thanksgiving message... really takes you back... love it.