29 August 2009

Best of Hope-n-Change

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Full-Metal-Jacket Wrap-Around

curious title "FMJWA" -re. the best of the conservative/libertarian blogosphere- sprang-forth from the minds of affable right-wing rabble-rousers Stacy and Smitty at The Other McCain- per Stacy's famed How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog.

He dubbed such posts dedicated to reciprocal-links after the psychotic drill seargant's stated principle in Kubrick's Full-Metal Jacket:

" When someone does you a favor,
find an opportunity to return the kindness."

Good advice- and since the only acceptable response is "Sir-yes-Sir!", I'll be doing just that. Besides giving credit where credit is due, an every-Saturday-post like this provides the opportunity to share with readers some intriguing viewpoints and patriots' observations found while gallivanting around the right-fringes of the Blogosphere....

Riehl World View: Blogmeister Dan Riehl notes that despite claims that he would run one of the most transparent governments in American history, thus far we've been seeing just about the opposite from Barack Obama's shifty and opaque administration.

Dan goes-on to tell us how NM Gov Bill Richardson's ethics probe has now been stealthily snuffed by his fellow Democrats- making an even bigger mockery of SanFranNan's ethics pledges- if that's possible.
Read more at RWV -here-

The Other McCain: Stacy has caught Newsweek's fetching science editor Sharon Begley (Beagle-y?) claiming that Obama's "loudest opposition... is the result of confirmatory bias, cognitive dissonance, and other examples of mental processes that have gone off the rails"- In other words, all opposed to the Dear Leader must be nuts... after-all, what other explanation could there possibly be? Same as we heard from Stalin, Brezhnev, and Pol Pot, of course- Thus quoth Mr McCain... a man known to employ sarcasm on occasion:

"Well, there you have it, folks: It's science, and only crazy people argue with science..."
Read more -here-

Moonbattery: Van has a look at Rush Limbaugh's supportive appearance on the Glen Beck Show- and how Beck delivered the far-left group attempting to shut him down -Van Jones' Color of Change- a nuclear pimp-slap by pulling 3+M viewers as he and Rush discussed (yet another) radical Czar who'll be attempting to attack conservative broadcasters in support on his boss' appalling suppression of free speech.
More -here-

No Sheeples Here: This week Carol asks a very important question: WHY is Barack Obama neglecting to honor the victims of 9/11 in it's first anniversary date of his presidency? Could it be more of the Dear Leader's typically cynical political/diplomatic opportunism? Lack of moral clarity? Lack of respect for American heroes in general? Assume the worst, and you're probably warm... continues -here-

Another Black Conservative: Clifton touches-on Sarah Palin's brave support of Glen Beck in the midst of an attack on him by a marxist, anti-American organization which was founded by Obama's Green Jobs Czar, '91 LA Riot veteran and self-proclaimed "radical communist" Van Jones.

So It Goes in Shreveport: Pat provides an excellent overview of what Louisiana Congressman Joseph Cao -the Vietnamese-American GOPer who famously upset

Turns out Mr Cao is the one who's the real American on Capitol Hill... actually holding 100% thug-n-plant-free town hall meetings in good-faith... even though much of his district is unhappy with his lack of enthusiasm for ObamaCare. Here's a guy that actually respects Democracy... maybe because he's from a communist country, and his father was tortured in a re-education camp. And that's a lot more than can be said for most of the ingrates in the ruling party of this country.

Stop the ACLU sounds an apt warning to all patriots:

Ha, tell me about it... know the type- I lived in Venice Beach for 3 yrs, ya know- anything but the most perfunctory greeting is not recommended!

Left Coast Rebel: surveys two Bloomberg pieces, the first re. what he calls "the United States' canary in the coal mine": British taxation and executive flight by society's most productive and high-performing individuals punished by such legalized looting.
Note for Obama: rich people didn't get that way by being stupid or giving away their money...so good luck getting at it, sport.
His second item concerns Obama's re-appointment of Fed Chief Ben Bernanke, in that Uncle Ben will likely be expected to pull off a Volcker-style recovery and save the now-battered Hope-n-Change agenda. Typical of Obama, he wants the result without the hard choices and while maintaining a high-tax, anti-business agenda- then gets someone else to stick their neck out instead.
Bungalow Bill: Bill makes a very interesting observation- Nancy Pelosi suddenly seems really quite desperate in her fundraising calls to save the sinking ObamaCare scheme- Have the Dems run their own coffers dry... as well as ours?

MAinfo: irrepressible patriot Opus #6 -an exceptionally good-looking mother of six, I might add- posts on Bill Turner's Czarist Insanity in America- an outstanding, in-depth, and revealing analysis on Obama's high-command of wack-job Czars- including one kook who thinks trees should be able to sue us.

Besides the fact he's adding a big, thick layer of bureaucracy that's truly unneeded and undermines so many others' authority in current Federal and state positions- have you ever taken a look at the kinds of people Obama's putting in these powerful offices? Opus sums it up well for us -here-

28 August 2009

27 August 2009

The LOL Obamas!

We pick-up from last week's episode [-here-], where Biden -upon severely shocking himself in a domestic accident- went to the hospital, only to find he's no-longer the Slow Joe we used to know...

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26 August 2009

Sen Ted Kennedy Passes-Away at 77

Well, I do feel sorry for him and his family... while no fan, to be sure. And I'll say a prayer for Ted Kennedy and the rest of the clan (am Irish, after all)- I hope that you do to. It's tough, especially with the star-crossed Kennedy's history- I just went through all that with mine, and it's a drag.

Both Michelle Malkin and Jay at Stop the ACLU are correct in saying that exercising some restraint verbally and politically on our side is advisable... whilst on-the-ropes statist opportunists surely attempt to weld ObamaCare passage to "honoring" Teddy... or whatever. Besides the fact that we conservatives should show some class here, America could really use an example of moral clarity at this point in time- and they're not going to get it from the Left.

That said, Teddy Kennedy was a moral black hole.

As noted by Carol at No Sheeples Here, this man was a complete and utter fraud as leader of any kind, but long promoted as a poster-child for limousine liberal's noblesse oblige none-the-less. Kennedy's far-left, liberal influence on the laws of this land also did -and continues to do- far more damage than good. I don't know if he was an evil man, but oft-tipsy Teddy was a comprehensively irresponsible and selfish fake with a seriously-tweaked moral compass. And he had NO business preaching to anyone about anything to do with ethics or "social justice"- please.

But he did it anyway, and for decades- even after he committed carelessly cold manslaughter in an act of mind-boggling selfishness and poor judgement. He then dispensed relentless liberal drivel in the Senate because it was his best professional option, and they let him off the hook. If nobody that mattered to his political career cared... why should he? Like they say, great work if you can get it.

But the hugely damaging DNC/MSM formula of bringing-to-power undeserving and untalented hacks like Kennedy who possess some marketable quality-while concealing their past and granting them a license to kill- has repeated itself with already-disastrous results in the ascension of the unscrupulous Dear Leader today. For this reason, RS McCain is doing a VERY good thing in keeping Kennedy's true character in front of everyone, while stripping-away 40 years'-worth of disgraceful MSM spin. Plainly, this country can't afford mass amnesia and/or wishful thinking regarding it's leadership anymore... just look where it's gotten us.

If the embarassing failure to foist yet another unqualified Kennedy on the Senate earlier this year -and/or Hillary's political neutering- wasn't the end of these DNC shams and their enablers... then the pending economic nightmare of a gruesome double-dip recession coupled to 10+% inflation -all brought on by the DNC's latest profligate Golden Boy- ought to finally do the trick.

Or so you'd think. Alas, millions of fools now act like 9/11 just never happened. There's never any paucity of these willingly deluded slush-heads that Democrats peddle their self-perpetuating version of reality to. And as-long as the DNC enjoys a monopoly in this durable market... who needs a quality product?

UPDATE: Dan at Riehl World View links this post and states with moral clarity:

" Death is not an accomplishment, it's an event. Other than some maudlin sentiment, it does nothing to erase the past and how one actually lived their life."

Read the rest of his take on Kennedy's legacy -here-

25 August 2009

Dick Morris: Next Year Dems Could Lose 100 Seats

hat'll work-

A GOP House and Senate could usher in a new Contract with America... and rescue the country from the team of Alinskyite statists currently taking a wrecking-ball to all we hold dear. Sounds good to me. Trouble is though, Mr Morris is talking-about a high-inflation, double-dip recession to bring the reversal about- ouch:

24 August 2009

Principled Opposition from Cheney and Palin Put Obama on Defense

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of the Weekly Standard, writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Republicans are discovering just how effective an opposition party can be in Washington. Their strategy is simply to aggressively and relentlessly oppose the liberal agenda of the president and the Democratic Congress. As a result, Barack Obama's agenda is in jeopardy, and the president is disconcerted, less popular and on the defensive. Republican opposition isn't the only reason for this. Mr. Obama did himself no favors by pushing policies far more liberal than voters wanted. But the decision by Republicans to be combative rather than accommodating has played an indispensable role.

Read the rest of the story -here-

Palin Won't Be "Leaving the Room"- and Thank God for That

'm sure a huge fan of Charles Krauthammer's column, haven't missed it in years- but I sure would like to have a better grasp of what his real issue with Sarah Palin is- as well as why he's so blind to the deft political skills she's put on display so impressively this week.

Dan at Riehl World View offered-up an possible explanation last week, in that Krauthammer might see her as a foreign-policy lightweight, or perhaps not hawkish enough for his tastes. But I don't see any other governors' like Romney having any experience either, and as a VP nominee, Palin was in no position to form her own platform in the campaign. Seems a bit early to judge her so harshly on defense issues at this point- what's on Dr K's mind? To me it's bewildering, honestly-

Hot Air did a piece yesterday on why Palin should indeed not "leave the room" in the HC debate, as suggested by Krauthammer last week- and it's good stuff:
Those Facebook pages she’s tossing around like ninja throwing stars are eloquent proof that no one has the right to pat Sarah Palin on the head and send her out of the room, while the grown-ups settle down to serious talk.
She isn’t just writing snarky rants. She’s providing both devastatingly effective criticism, and substantial policy alternatives. It’s fairly obvious the White House paid a great deal of attention to her infamous “death panel” column....

Read the rest of the story at Hot Air -here-