18 January 2010

Extra-Special Anniversary Gift All But Wrapped for Dear Leader

is special-election day... but also the eve of Barack Obama's first anniversary in the White House...

Let's see what the voters of deep-blue Massachusetts are preparing for Ol' Hopenchange to thank him for a year of managerial incompetence, habitual dishonesty, exploitation of racial/class issues, and ceaseless power and tax grabs-

Lt. Colonel Scott Brown

Intrade has Brown at 62 now... up from just single digits a week ago. Consequently, Martha's chart looks like it fell off the edge of the table... she's plummeted from 90 to 40. There's little emotion involved here... these numbers are for those who put their money where their mouth is-

Charlie Cook now also has Brown favored to win this election -here-

Ruby Red Slippers says that left-leaning pollsters PPP have Brown up by five -here-

Merriman River Group has Brown up by almost ten points -here-

Gateway Pundit looks at Obama's bizarre, condescending truck-bashing yesterday... as de facto head of Government Motors, isn't that your product,
Big Guy? -here-

Also at GP: Ted Kennedy's son Patrick campaigning for Coakley yesterday... trouble is, he doesn't seem to know her name -here-

BTW, three buildings were needed to hold Scott Browns' overflow crowd of 4000 supporters in Worcester, see video -here-

The Other McCain attended the Obama-Croakley event yesterday, and Stacy's got pix and video from the streets of Beantown -here-

DaTechGuy is making the rounds alongside McCain... he's got a comprehensive account of the action up there in Massachusetts -here-

Riehl World View has a clip of the Obama heckler that seemed to have caught him offguard being frog-marched out of the event -here-

America's Watchtower finds a Team Obama already bracing for a humiliating defeat -here-

Left Coast Rebel looks at little guy Scott Brown out-drawing the once-popular President Obama on the trail yesterday -here-

Dancing with the Czars posted something pretty disturbing that the people of Massachusetts might want to study-up on... as to maintain maximum vigilance: "How an Election is Stolen" -here-

Moonbattery found the hapless Coakley's campaign manager Lark Evor lurking in the shadows -here-.... explains a lot!

Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion has also been on-the-ground in Massachusetts for much of the campaign... and he's now covering an interesting phenomenon... Progressives Against Coakley -here-

Jumping in Pools takes a comprehensive final look at the internal polls -here-

Maggie's Notebook found Dems actually blaming George W Bush for Martha's failures... -here-

Bungalow Bill sees Team Croakley and the DNC trying to turn the election into a referrendum on George Bush... simply amazing -here-

Government Mess just put-up video of the entire Brown rally at Worcester -here-

And the whole world is watching now... the view from Aussie conservative blogger MK at Down Under on the Right Side -here-

What would a Brown victory mean? A lot, says Dick Morris... he calls it a game changer: "If the GOP can win a Senate seat in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, it can win anywhere, anytime, against anyone"- more at Big Government

Hey Gibsy, have fun limbering-up in spin class... going to be hilarious watching you squirm like a worm in the press room Wednesday-
you obsequious blob.