17 January 2010

Brown Supporters with Homemade Signs: "Never Seen Anything Like It"

Boston talk-show host Michael Graham ran political campaigns for years.. and now says re. the groundswell of support for surging Senate candidate Brown (highlights mine):

I’ve never seen the “We’ve got to win this race” attitude from regular voters like I’m seeing for Scott Brown...

People are begging for stuff to do, and the campaign can’t keep up with the demand. On Saturday, driving between Ashland and Littleton, I saw more people displaying home made signs than printed ones.

“Home made signs?” I can’t tell you how astonishing that is to a paid political consultant. I was talking to a pal of mine still in the GOP political biz, and he was blown away.
There are home made Scott Brown signs all over this state. Some are magic marker on poster board, others are hand painted and carefully designed, but they all show the same thing: Brown’s voters are the most motivated voters I’ve ever seen in a campaign.
"Even more motivated than Obama voters a year ago..."

-Photos Michael Graham-

Here's a campaign stop at Quincy, Massachusetts yesterday... give 'em hell, Scott!

►The Other McCain has an update from Massachusetts, including footage of Scott Browns' last campaign stop of the evening at Middleborough -here-