16 January 2010

Crumblin' Croakley Death-Spiral Update

Aloof Obammunist twit Martha Coakley is tanking hard in all recent polling... Byron York reports "the bottom has fallen out" of her support in Massachusetts. While energetic Republican opponent Brown has run a brilliant campaign, Coakley's bumbling arrogance and inglorious past as a prosecutor have her poll numbers in the toilet... blowing a 30-point lead in just a couple months.

In what appeared to be an outlier yesterday,
PJ Media had Brown up by fifteen... but now one of his internal polls is also showing a double-digit lead... in a word, WOW-

Stacy from The Other McCain is on-the-loose in New England covering the election first-hand, and has video of Bill Clinton attempting to prop-up unbeguiling and wholly inefficacious party hack Coakley -here-.

And you only find stuff like this by putting shoe-leather on the ground... he scraped-up a card-carrying SEIU member -in purple union shirt, no less- waving a Brown for Senate campaign sign... believe dat! And hit his tip jar to keep him in 36" subs and cigarettes maybe -here-... the supply-lines are looking pretty stretched-out from up there on the front.

Slick Willy was in fine form, too- according to the Lonely Conservative... beseeching voters to "do it for Haiti"... what on Earth is he even talking about? Beats me... looks like Bubba's really starting to lose it -here-

American Power finds the Democrats now pragmatically planning for the worst-case catastrophe scenario... a complete Coakley meltdown -here-.

Riehl World View reports that the Massachusetts Moron's stepped in it again... repeatedly referring to Red Sox pitching legend Curt Schilling as a "Yankees fan"... this woman is pure comedy gold -here-

Dan Riehl also has the latest bizarre attack-angle on Scott Brown from Team Croakley- "Forget what we said about him being right-wing"... huh? -here-

Gateway Pundit tells us that Coakley's husband is a retired police officer. Interestingly, Tom’s old work buddies at the Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association have come out and slammed Martha Coakley for assuming they supported her... then made a point of very publicly endorsing Scott Brown...

No Sheeples Here has President Obama making a brave personal appearance to aid victims of the catastrophic Massachusetts earthquake... like Coakley Reid, Pelosi, and -uh- himself, whadda guy

And Dear Leader's not the only one frantically trying to keep Coakley from electoral collapse... Andy Stern's SIEU has spent $600K running gems like this one on the Boston Herald website... nice:

Caught Him with a Corndog examines how the sinking USS Coakley came to find itself in such dire straights... offering an abridged version of what the Boston Globe had to say about this epic campaign FAIL -here-

Bungalow Bill has state Senator Scott Brown scaring the most powerful man in the world half-to-(political)-death -here-

Breitbart reports that the Coakley's looking for thuggish union muscle to help snare this one from the jaws of defeat -here-

RedState is keeping an eye on union phone bank boiler-rooms of Beantown... you know, like the kind the mob utilize to sell pump-n-dump stock scams to retirees in Boca? The SEIU and IBEW's have just sprung into action with them this morning -here-

You can still donate to the Brown campaign, as this one could still go either way... Massachusetts only has 15% of voters registered with the GOP, ya know...

If you can, please help to put an end to the power-drunk democrats' unchecked power... by giving citizen-patriot Scott Brown a boost at the finish line... click here: