30 January 2010

Got 'Em on the Run Now...

A brief survey of what's being said today on America's resurgent Right...
Gateway Pundit found liberator Tony Blair standing tall at the Iraq hearings -here-

Bungalow Bill has a look at what professional skank Madonna looks like without a whole lotta PhotoShoppery... it's as bad as you'd think (after this monster's 11 abortions) and then some... -here-

American Power caught Michelle Bachman's appearance at Knott's Berry Farm in Orange County, CA first-hand... got some great pics too -here-

And Donald found the SIEU's purple fingerprints all over a new anti-TEA party website -here-

Riehl World View sees Obama actually increasing the NASA budget while he's cancelling the Moon project... why? Now they're going to work on global warming projects -here-

Moonbattery has SanFranNan throwing-away $1000/wk on booze... on our tab, naturally -here-

And there are two sides to every story... even LandrieuGate -here-

The Other McCain caught Dear Leader blowing another $10M on lavish and well-lubricated White House parties in the depths of a borderline depression -here-

And Stacy reports on Lech Walesa's rousing appearance in Illinois -here-

MAInfo was also all-over the OC appearances by Bachman, David Horowitz, and Chuck DeVore... a true conservative vying to rid us all of Barbara Boxer
Left Coast Rebel did an interesting comparo of Obama and Clinton SoTU speeches -here-

So It Goes in Shreveport says don't wave the victory flag on the US terror trials getting moved out of NYC just yet -here-

Government Mess has the petition you can sign to help reverse Obama and Holder's idiotic decision to hold them in Manhattan in the first place -here-

Maggie's Notebook presents young Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wi) pinning the habitually dishonest Obama to the wall

Caught Him with a Corndog has the latest on the possible recall of Louisiana Senator Mary "Red Light" Landrieu -here-

Goombah News Network looks at the pro-abortion Left's shameful attacks on the brave Tim Tebow


Red said...

A rousing round up of righties I'd say. Bravo! nana nana nana nana **"Bagman"**!!

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Thanks much for the link! I'm off to read your round-up.

PFFV said...

Outstanding work James as always! You continue to amaze me with your originality and classy style. We are turning the tide of corrupt progressives into their own suicidal demise. Collateral damage never looked so good! Keep up the good fight!

Opus #6 said...

Thank you so much for the link. Very kind. I love that "FAKE" billboard. Ha ha!

The MaryHunter said...

This is a great rundown. Thanks for the linkie luv, RR!

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