30 January 2010

Got 'Em on the Run Now...

A brief survey of what's being said today on America's resurgent Right...
Gateway Pundit found liberator Tony Blair standing tall at the Iraq hearings -here-

Bungalow Bill has a look at what professional skank Madonna looks like without a whole lotta PhotoShoppery... it's as bad as you'd think (after this monster's 11 abortions) and then some... -here-

American Power caught Michelle Bachman's appearance at Knott's Berry Farm in Orange County, CA first-hand... got some great pics too -here-

And Donald found the SIEU's purple fingerprints all over a new anti-TEA party website -here-

Riehl World View sees Obama actually increasing the NASA budget while he's cancelling the Moon project... why? Now they're going to work on global warming projects -here-

Moonbattery has SanFranNan throwing-away $1000/wk on booze... on our tab, naturally -here-

And there are two sides to every story... even LandrieuGate -here-

The Other McCain caught Dear Leader blowing another $10M on lavish and well-lubricated White House parties in the depths of a borderline depression -here-

And Stacy reports on Lech Walesa's rousing appearance in Illinois -here-

MAInfo was also all-over the OC appearances by Bachman, David Horowitz, and Chuck DeVore... a true conservative vying to rid us all of Barbara Boxer
Left Coast Rebel did an interesting comparo of Obama and Clinton SoTU speeches -here-

So It Goes in Shreveport says don't wave the victory flag on the US terror trials getting moved out of NYC just yet -here-

Government Mess has the petition you can sign to help reverse Obama and Holder's idiotic decision to hold them in Manhattan in the first place -here-

Maggie's Notebook presents young Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wi) pinning the habitually dishonest Obama to the wall

Caught Him with a Corndog has the latest on the possible recall of Louisiana Senator Mary "Red Light" Landrieu -here-

Goombah News Network looks at the pro-abortion Left's shameful attacks on the brave Tim Tebow