21 March 2010

Congressional Health Care Vote: Updates and Live Streaming Coverage Here

As the statist mainstream media did their best to ignore the 30,000 anti-ObamaCare protesters in front of the capitol yesterday -instead running a smokescreen story on a largely-irrelevant Iraq war demonstration- these patriots surely made their voices heard.  Sadly, without the net-based New Media to report it, you would have thought everybody was just laying down for this obscene, unconstitutional tax-n-power grab... 
An appallingly-blatant "progressive" bias is not enough for Obama's insidious trained seals in the lame-stream media, either... now -as posted at Gateway Pundit- they're perpetrating-the-fraud to slander good-faith TEA party protesters with the Left's threadbare "racist" mantra... and these disingenuous scum are not above flat-out lying to do it -here-

Smitty from The Other McCain was in attendance in DC yesterday, describing the event as "like three days of CPAC in three hours" -here-

Government Mess has must-see video of the kill-the-bill-chanting crowd and Jon Voight's inspiring oratory -here-

No Sheeples Here exposes CBS correspondent Mark Knoller's disguisting sense of "humor" and blatant political bias -here-

If you haven't seen it, be sure to check out HC Reform in 90 seconds at this week's Featured Blog American Power ... really illustrates the absurdity of this long, strange trip -here-

Bungalow Bill sees just another unfunded federal liability here... this time one that will bankrupt this country -here-

As for the whip-count, Riehl World View tells us they don't yet have the votes... and with Loretta Sanchez going AWOL, it's just getting weirder by the minute -here-

You can catch Live streaming coverage of today's House proceedings start at 1pm eastern right here at the Reaganite Republican...

Watch live video from Liberty Rising Network on Justin.tv