27 March 2010

TEA Party in Searchlight Nevada Hears Sarah Palin Speech

As participants arrive in for today's events at the dusty burg of Searchlight, Nevada -the Senate Majority Leader's hometown- about 35 "supporters of Harry Reid" (some left apparently) already threw eggs at the buses arriving, and even threatened liberal nemesis and 21-st century Minute Man Andrew Brietbart with violence -here-

Of course, the Left is getting more radical, threatening, and unpredictable by the day...  while they project these traits upon the Right for propaganda purposes.  Should be a long, interesting day... updates and more video of the Sarah Palin speech are available from RR allies in attendance...

The Other McCain   Gateway Pundit    MAinfo

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MK said...

And i'm sure the democrats and msm rushed to condemn the reid supporters and their violent behavior, yes sure.

I hope those Tea Partiers are successful in kicking out that sniveling socialist parasite from office. It's the least he deserves.

Opus #6 said...

Tens of thousands of Tea Partiers and it is the few leftists that came who did the evil deeds. Throwing things? Someone could have gotten hurt. Eggs hit very hard when hurled across a highway.

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