28 March 2010

LOL Sunday Funnies!

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Anonymous said...

Johnson faced the same criticism for expansion of Medicare in 1966. Now considered the 3rd rail of politics, touch Medicare and you're political history. In spite of this new insurance reform admitted flaws, it is not "health" reform it is insurance for health, reform. It simply mandates what the insurance industry has been promising for 60 years in a dozen separate meetings with a variety of White Houses, and establishes for all, the same health process for military and Congressmen everybody whines about being privileged--and that includes some pretty young healthy youngsters that form the military, who aren't covered just when they're wounded.

This flawed health bill, left right or indifferent, has the same efficacy and will have the same legacy.

Reagan was a great affable man who defeated the last nation state hoping to take over the world. But he did that by deficit spending. Eventually, you have to pay for the things you receive.

Ironic that the freedom touted is the freedom to go into debt, now 13T and counting, and it's OK for the banks to get $1T to squander, it's ok for us to put $1T together bombing Iraq into dust for no reason whatsoever.

But give joesixpac ability to overcome catastrophic illness between jobs? Nah, that's profligate spending.

Sorry. Try again.

Adrienne said...

Happy Palm Sunday :-)

Reaganite Republican said...

You too, Adrienne- God bless

xaxx said...

The idea that some previous administration and congress set us up to eat poison does not give us an incentive to eat more poison.

We have been watching, those of us paying attention to the thrust of legislation over the years, a gradual erosion of freedoms in the name of protection since the 1940s.

There is nothing about the past missteps and outright power grabs that gives one a warm, fuzzy feeling about this latest one.

On a fiscal note, indeed, the past actions are really good solid warnings about the error of this latest boondoggle. SSI is in deep distress, with a 2017 date when even the Liberal will acknowledge it is unsustainable. Medicare, despite the tendentious arguments from Anonymous (how original) was a bad idea that simply roped people in as this HC legislation hopes to do and has grown more than 6 times as large as projections at the time. We do not need to keep rediscovering that government entitlements grow without bounds and just the same growth, nothing more than that, will put Obamacare at more than 1 trillion dollars per year by 2020. This kind of unsustainability will mean even those who have been euchred into use and acceptance over the years will be grossly disappointed when the system cannot be funded. At that point, what happens depends on how much the entitlements have really weakened the populace. If we are no more than an ant farm supporting the State, we'll just get used to it. Otherwise, the response will be vigorous opposition to the State.

It is a crying shame, literally, that we seem to need to learn the lesson of the failure of the Soviet Union on our own soil, with our own citizens.

Shame on Congress! Shame on this president....shame on US if we let it stand.

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