20 April 2010

Clueless Gordon Brown Tanking, Now in Third Place

The Daily Mail (UK) reports an "extraordinary surge" for David Clegg's Liberal Democrats has left Gordon Brown choking in the dust, now lagging behind both the other major parties. But Britain's also looking at the possibility of a hung parliment now... an ICM survey puts the conservative Tories at 33, Lib-Dems at 30, and Labour at 28, and there's been little indication who the Lib Dems would favor as a coalition partner. 

The problem for the Tories is that although they are leading in all but one poll, the Lib Dems lean to the left a bit -especially on enviromental issues- and the UK may get stuck with the unpopular Gordon Brown after all in a Lib-Lab coalition- one most voters make clear to pollsters they do not want...

More coverage and video at the Mail Online -here-