25 April 2010

Goober Graham Snaps Out of It, Quits on Cap-n-Tax

Fulfilling his promise to back-out of climate-change negotiations with the Democrats if no other GOPer came on-board for the process -and perhaps nervous about a primary challenge and the way he's been pilloried by the right- Lindsey Graham has actually done the right thing... finally. After Obama's direct calls on Scott Brown and others went nowhere, Graham started looking for the exit apparently. The legislation he's worked on for over a year with Senators Lieberman and Kerry was due to be unveiled tomorrow morning... ouch!
Gateway Pundit reports Graham oddly claims to have done this over concerns the immigration bill will be forced ahead of this one...
In a move that may derail a comprehensive climate change and energy bill in the Senate, one of the measure’s central architects, Senator Lindsey Graham, has issued an angry protest over what he says are Democratic plans to give priority to a debate over immigration policy. 
Mr. Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said in a sharply worded letter on Saturday that he would no longer participate in negotiations on the energy bill, throwing its already cloudy prospects deeper into doubt. He had been working for months with Senators John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, on the a legislation, which they were scheduled to announce with considerable fanfare on Monday morning. That announcement has been indefinitely postponed. 
In his letter to his two colleagues, Mr. Graham said that he was troubled by reports that the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, and the White House were planning to take up an immigration measure before the energy bill. Mr. Graham has worked with Democrats in the past on immigration matters and was expected to be an important bridge to Republicans on that issue, as well as on energy.
Could the be the final end of Team Obama's radical legislative drive?  Immigration reform isn't doing much better... Obama's quickly running out of political steam... soon, this administration simply won't be setting the agenda anymore.  All he'll have left next year is the veto pen... as Dear Leader ironically  becomes a one-man Party of No and a pitiful lame-duck.

And in fairness to Graham's purported reasoning, he does have some good points about the way the immigration bill is being rushed to head-off a swell of anti-immigration sentiment... read more at Gateway Pundit -here-

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