26 April 2010

The Great Unifier One Step Away from Hate Speech Now... nice

Barack Obama shamefully employed the race-card again as he put out a call-to-arms to "...African-Americans, Latinos, and Women" today in a DNC video seeking to unify the coalition that put him in power- but has not really shown up for any  elections since.  

In what amounts to the launching of a six-month political war -one we all knew was coming- this was put in unusually frank demographic/racial terms- a divisive, cynical, and desperate maneuver from the serial liar who campaigned as a "post-racial" unifier in 2008- what a joke.  

And to start on this note right from day one- is this really necessary, Mr. President? How about being president of all the people... or don't you see any value in that?

And, uh, isn't being a racist divider -and splitting the country for personal political gain- exactly the opposite of your purported "hero", Lincoln?