24 April 2010

Please Allow Us to Retort!

As the Obama Administration makes it perfectly clear they'd like for us to just lay-back and learn to enjoy it while they have their way with this country... the Right has awaken, and we're not standing-by while thinly-veiled communists dismantle everything that made us great...

Down Under on the Right Side -this week's RR Featured Blog- tells how ObamaCare was always meant to fail -here-

Maggie's Notebook has an outstanding piece on Obama's bad-faith immigration schemes -here-

Jumping in Pools reports on the GOP on the rise in yet another poll -here-

The Lonely Conservative finds the Purple People Beaters rallying for higher taxes -here-

The Camp Of The Saints examines How the Mind Works These Days -here-

Conservative Pup has some very interesting observations of how ecological fanaticism is a false religion for many -here-

Left Coast Rebel knows the travails of life on the border fist hand... and takes a look at the current Obama vs. Arizona feud 

Caught Him with a Corndog pimp-slaps Michael Steele 

Bungalow Bill finds Newt Gingrich providing yet more great reasons to never, ever vote for him -here-

Adrienne's Catholic Corner says America's sending this regime packing -here-

Amusing Bunni reports direct from the belly-of-the-beast, Chicago -here-

MAInfo was on The Rick Amato Show this week, and the clip's at Left Coast Rebel -here- you did good, Opus! She also put up an excellent post re. Joe Leiberman's intestinal fortitude 

America's Watchtower provides a detailed look at some of the things Blago's exposing about Obama's shady past... Hot Rod might want to look into a Kevlar vest right about now -here-

Charging Elephant had a highly succesful week, with three articles published in the Canada Free Press... pay his site a visit -here-

The Other McCain reports-on a trend for green, eco-friendly romance (talk about a turnoff, good grief) -here-

Then Stacy's blogging parter Smitty has some lovely news re. fishface Waxman's emerging political vulnerability -here-  And today a great one on the unfolding Blagodrama just up today 

Government Mess has caught the EPA indoctrinating your kids with globaloney -here-

No Sheeples Here lays into Andrew Sullivan good, I love it 

So It Goes in Shreveport says La. Senator Mary Landrieu could even give Obama a few lessons in boundless arrogance (wow- that's like schooling Steven Hawkings on physics... she must be something else) -here-

Gateway Pundit reports the Obama-Rezko connected Broadway Bank in Chicago seized -here-

Right Girl posted a pretty decent-looking peanut-butter cookie recipe (we're trying it today) -here-  And did you know you can make gallon of your own home-made laundry detergent for under a buck? It's true... tough times in the grim Obammunist era = improvise, adapt, overcome! -here-