23 April 2010

Put His Lying Butt on the Stand, Blago

I sure wouldn't take the fall for him, buddy- why should you?

Sounds like a dream come-true, albeit unlikely to ever happen... one small ray of hope being  Judge Zagel's a Reagan appointee. Nonetheless, what disgraced former Illinois Governor, grating publicity whore, and pompous scumbag supreme "Hot" Rod Blagojevich is implying here is that Obama knows a lot more than he's admitted to, and he's been lying about contact with Blago, too. Yesterday's subpoena was so poorly electronically-edited that censored portions of it were easily revealed... these passages seem to implicate Barack Obama.

You mean to tell us that a habitually dishonest control freak, political opportunist, and integral part of Illinois' corrupt political establishment like Obama wasn't telling us the truth when he just played dumb claiming he didn't even have a favorite (he did, it was Jarrett), didn't try to influence Blago's choice for his former seat, denied all, and then held his own farcical "internal investigation" of who at the WH was in-contact with Blago... which promptly cleared his own staff of "any wrongdoing"? (lmao).
Wouldn't it be troublesome for the President if -as now reported in the court docs by NBC-TV Chicago- he had talked to Blago directly himself in December 2008?  As many of us observed, Blago's crass exhibitionism of the last few months (did he get enough watch me time as a child?) was due to the fact that he has so much dirt on Obama that he feels little reason for fear... as does Rezko, who's in all likelyhood quietly awaiting his January 2013 pardon.

Perhaps Obama would also like to explain why he claims to have "never" discussed the seat with Blago back in Nov. 2008, either... when Axelrod said he did, and as the Illinois News Network/Chicago's ABC affiliate TV-7 reported it in the days immediately following the election.  Later, when the Blago scandal broke, Axelrod went on the Sunday talk shows, claiming to have "misspoke"- (lmao x 2).

If the judge went for it, sure would be fascinating too to see how the Left then blames the TEA Party, conservatives, George Bush, or "racism" for this one- Obama's own former ally Blago -who Obama aggressively campaigned for/advised- exposing Dear Leader's little lying habit and lack of scruples for all the world to see... and laying-waste to his political future. While the possibility of Obama getting on the stand may be slim, the potential impact is gargantuan... a tantalizing prospect for those concerned about his ongoing demolition of this society.
Now it appears that the same US Senate seat these skeezy Dems -including JJJ, Jarret, and now-Sen Burris- tore each other to shreds over may go to the GOP (in heavily-Democratic Illinois) after-all... and all due to another one of Obama's shady, gangster-esque backers/allies, how about that.

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