15 May 2010

Best of the New Media Right...

The Lonely Conservative -says "Uh, about that housing recovery..." -here-

BluePitBull -this week's RR Featured Blog- says the donkey is about to get fixed, -here-

Left Coast Rebel finds Team Obama's Orwellian statist offensive includes plans for the feds to track the Body Mass Index of your children -here-

The Camp of the Saints takes a look at Dr. Death Panel... and his evil assistant Fritz -here-

Amusing Bunny's Musings gives us the scoop on new British PM David Cameron -here- 

So it Goes in Shreveport finds Lurch Senator John Kerry defending the ObamaCare death panels... you know, the ones Palin was pilloried for suggesting even exist -here-

Jammie Wearing Fool reports on the latest flow of "racism" drivel out of HuffPo -here-

Adrienne's Corner brings us somebody who gets it... -here-

Government Mess finds bumbling incompetent Eric Holder cracking under pressure -here-

Flopping Aces' Mike's America has a great Gov. Christie clip... see why he's already a hero to conservatives nationwide -here-

Caught Him with a Corndog covers an unsettling occurrence at the local Piggly-Wiggly -here-

Conservative Pup looks at the mosque-at-ground-zero brainstorm -here-

RealAmericanPolitics' Good Ole Boy says it looks like the Obama presidency is already unravelling -here-

No Sheeples Here takes a look at just how socialist Helena Kagan is... along with a Scribd of her entire college thesis... this woman is a complete nut by American standards -here-

Then Ordered Liberty has yet more bad news for the Dems in midterms... now less than six months away -here-