01 May 2010

BREAKING: Obama Cheating Scandal, Photos

Well, the so-called tabloid press in the US gained a lot of credibility lately by exploiting the huge market gap left by the MSM, i.e. The Enquirer's uncovering of the John Edwards affair that other media was actually covering-up, and now this... and we've heard rumors of this one previously.

And as Carol at No Sheeples Here says, they better have their facts straight if they don't want a SWAT team at the doorstep... Barack Obama's not much for shame, explaining his actions, or any kind of honesty whatsoever... but he sure does like to stomp a jackboot on the neck of those he views as a threat.

And this one is BIG...

The National Enquirer has already taken the Vera Baker - Barack Obama affair story down from their site, could be a whole other story there evolving... as The Globe's site is crashed completely... but with Dear Leader's powers limited to muzzling only his own press, the Swiss paper Le Matin provides some background (translation by Google):

The beginnings of the case The recent revelations of the Globe magazine, this week, seems rather astounding. The log returns on a case dating from 2004. At the time, the future senator from Illinois Obama (elected November 2004) was suspected to liaise closely with Vera Baker, 29, an African-American woman he had known since childhood. This would have helped, according to the newspaper, to raise millions for his campaign Senatorial ensuring the role of CFO.
New "evidence" Only here, the suspicions of the time seem to be a little bit more concrete, since the magazine says that there is a video surveillance damaging for Bush. And to make the vague testimony of a driver at the time. It would have escorted the President and Vera Baker limousine "stretch" to the Hotel George in Washington, after an election rally.

The man even remembers the time: 22 am to 30. He told the Globe: "Vera asked me not to wait, or take her home. There was no sign that she wanted to leave the hotel later. "Icing on the cake: the Hotel George is located on Capitol Hill, very close to the Capitol, the seat of American Parliament.
Whatever, does this not simply a political maneuver to destabilize? The magazine, however, persists. For, in addition to revealing the existence of a video he produced a document that software engineers would be on the trail incriminating emails between Vera Baker and Senator Obama.
The premonitions of Michelle Obama The newspaper took the opportunity to surf on hunches. Those of a woman: Michelle Obama. She was quickly suspected Vera Baker exert dangerous charm on her husband in 2004. To make it clear in Martinique, away from Barack Obama. There, she worked for Cape Caribbean LLC, Fort-de-France. "The unexpected arrival of the young woman had been talking. Michelle, jealous, has done everything possible to get fired, "said Christopher Andersen, author of" Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American marriage, "released in September 2009.
A jealousy fueled by the behavior of some admirers during the presidential campaign. "These women did not hesitate to swipe their phone in the pockets of Barack Obama or to rub against him when they had the chance, he blew some naughty suggestions in his ear," says Christopher Andersen...

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