14 May 2010

How to Delete FaceBook account?

Looks like FaceBook took a page from the credit card bankers' and 1980s cable TV outfits' book... by making it next-to-impossible to delete FaceBook account- or at least a well-guarded secret.  Recent leaks re. CEO Mark Zuckerberg's condescension/apparent lack of scruples towards his clients and new security guidelines inflicted stealthily on FB users have made delete facebook account one of the top searches on Google Trends. 

How to delete facebook account is something simply not available at FaceBook's site... one must search for WikiHow instructions for the links hidden deep within various menus to permanently delete Facebook account.
I am keeping mine at this point... but am careful what I allow them access to.  One thing I would suggest is not allowing a new security change that will be inflicted on FB users by default if they don't specify otherwise:
As of May 3, there is a new privacy setting on Facebook called "Instant Personalization Pilot Program" that shares data with non-Facebook websites. It is automatically set to "Allow."
Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites > Instant Personalization, and uncheck "Allow". BTW, if your friends don't do this, they will be sharing information about you and me...