14 May 2010

Obama to "Go Angry" on BP (LOL)

Somebody needs to tell this Alinskyite, blame-shifting coward Obama that there's no personal growth in attempting to inculpate others for your own errors, crimes, and deficiencies... that's why he never learns anything from his serial mismanagement of this country.

They sure aren't letting "any crisis go to waste", either... learned that lesson just fine. The Atlantic is reporting he'll lay into BP good in a morning press-conference today... in a fully-orchestrated propaganda charade scripted to avoid responsibility for for the ghastly oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the bottom line is this: OBAMA took the most campaign money from BP in the last 20 yrs, OBAMA is the personification of Chicago Machine pay-to-play graft.. and OBAMA's administration exempted BP from TWO safety surveys on this VERY SAME RIG that blew up. 

What else could possibly be relevent?

This country's about had enough finger-pointing from this disingenuous, incompetent racketeer- what a worm.  An excellent time-line/photo stream at Left Coast Rebel spells-out the reality that Team Obama are now working so hard to obfuscate -here- ... check it out.