13 May 2010

Iceland Volcano May 13

The Eyjafjallaj√∂kull volcano in Iceland shows little sign of ending an eruption that's causing havoc again in European airspace.... celebrities and media arriving in the French Riviera for the Cannes film festival now may have to arrive by boat, with the plume currently hanging over the Mediterranean. However, shifting winds could possibly spare European air travel by the weekend.

The ash cloud emanating from the Iceland volcano is ever changing in form and color, from dove grey to anthracite to brown... and sometimes even blueish when sulfur droplets are present. The form is dependent on the eruption intensity but also on the stability of the surrounding atmosphere. Unstable conditions favour an unsteady plume, even looping, but during high stability acessory clouds tend to acompany the plume, which then forms a billowing sheet downwind affecting visilibity and weather patterns thousands of km away.

This Iceland volcano May 13 update maps linked at the UK Met Office below shows where the plume is most likely headed today, according to the Icelandic authorities:

Update: Additional satellite maps 
and aerial photos at Left Coast Rebel 

Iceland Met Office: Iceland Volcano May 13     

Status report from Iceland -here-

Updated ashfall advisory available at the UK Met Office