12 May 2010

Wednesday HOT Links

So it Goes in Shreveport has a terrifying post on illegal Arab immigrants infiltrating our southern border now... great -here-

The Lonely Conservative is shaking her head as the hopenchange dream-team scheme to funnel terrorist cases into the criminal courts system... this is insane -here-

American Power found Sarah Palin making a brave pro-Israel fashion statement -here- 

Jumping in Pools brings a brief list of TR quotes re. immigration... Bully! -here-

No Sheeples Here is again involved in a noble cause... you too? -here-

The Camp of the Saints offers a somber assessment of just what to expect from the nominal conservatives of Albion -here- 

The Other McCain is however refreshingly upbeat on Cameron

Government Mess posted a couple videos that pack enough info to earn you college credit... and the topic: Collectivism, Fabianism, and other socialist doctrines. It also draws deeply-disturbing parallels to the situation in our country today... a must see -here- 

The Mind-Numbed Robot says Your 401k Belongs to Us...-here- 

Always vigilant America's Watchtower finds Rep. Emanuel Cleaver dumbing-it-down for us ignorant clingers -here-

Feed Your ADHD brings us bits of a 1995 Obama interview... looks like about half this country should have done a little better DD on this anti-American kook who they made the most powerful man in the world -here- 

Amusing Bunni's Musings revels in Gordon Brown hitting the bricks... with video -here- 

The Keeper of Odd Knowlege brings us an informative Founding Fathers' firearms trainer -here- 

Conservative Pup offers her comprehenive views on Sarah Palin... with which I largely concur -here-