11 May 2010

Conservative David Cameron is British Prime Minister

British service Sky News has the story of conservative David Cameron meeting with the queen at Buckingham Palace:

The Queen has appointed Tory leader David Cameron as the UK's new prime minister and he will soon head to Downing Street from Buckingham Palace...

Mr Cameron went to the palace with his pregnant wife Samantha.
As their silver Jaguar drove through the gates at the front of the palace, they were greeted by cheers from a gathered crowd.
Sky News' royal commentator Alastair Bruce said the Queen will ask the Tory leader the constitutional question "Will you form the new administration?" and the moment he says "yes" he becomes prime minister of Great Britain.
Mr Bruce added: "And then his wife will be invited into the room and they'll all have a jolly good chat."
It comes just a short while after Gordon Brown quit as prime minister, telling the country he had "loved the job" and adding:"Thank you and goodbye," before walking out of Downing Street with his wife and sons.

Well, he's no Thatcher... and there's that goofy little windmill on his roof... but this has got to be a step in the right direction for the UK at this point... and it's the first reversal of Labour power since 1979 by The Iron Lady... over 30 years ago.


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