18 May 2010

Iceland Volcano May 18: German Airport Closures, UK Airport Closures

UK air travel officials re-opened UK airports by mid-afternoon yesterday, as was the case in Germany- the very latest in UK airport closures re. Iceland Volcano May 18 are updated in real-time -here- 

Be sure to check with your airline directly before travelling... This is the daily RR update for Iceland Volcano May 18:

UK air travel could again be restrained by closed airports through mid-week as the cloud of ash thrown into the atmosphere by the Iceland volcano may again be carried over the British isles by the ever-shifting winds. The UK's air traffic control service NATS will announce airspace restrictions as they became necessary, and the link provided below will keep you posted on the latest effects from the Iceland volcano eruption.

German air travel was closed at a Frankfurt, Munich, and other southern airports late Sunday through Monday afternoon, but are expected remain open today as winds shift- the latest on German airport closures re.Iceland Volcano May 18: available -here-

The Iceland volcano May 18 map is updated regularly at the UK Met Office -here- and Iceland volcano May 18 status at the Icelandic Met Office -here- ... Volcanic Ash Advisory updates available -here-